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Editor’s Note: On or about 19 November 2014, Eric Miller the Executive Director of NAMFS submitted the following:  Eric Miller Executive Director at National Association of Mortgage Field Services Thank you for bringing the unapproved use of the NAMFS logo by an non-member to our attention. NAMFS has contacted the party for removal of our logo from their website.

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime has finally shown its true colors. They have officially endorsed THREE DOLLAR INSPECTIONS! As you will read below, “iFieldServices [is] Supported by NAMFS.” I mean Eric Miller must be one of the stupidest motherfuckers I have ever ran across in my life! It is bad enough that the NAMFS Regime Offender Members were chastised by the FHFA OIG Report, but to allow the Trade Association and its Membership to now be used like a cheap, common gutter whore in support of pricing which will not even buy a crack rock in Miami is madness. I mean this is the typical response to Regulatory Compliance that Eric Miller and his cohort, Adriana Farelo-Fernandez, down in Miami seem to become embroiled in. More on point, it is significant to point out that Raymond A Love, owner of INC and Association INC, is only 29 minutes up the road from Farelo-Fernandez.

While I do not know whether good ‘ol Ray and Adriana sip mojitos and plot how to best fuck Contractors, I do know that Foreclosurepedia has begun to take over Page One of Google when you enter her name. The reality is that as the Vice President of the NAMFS Regime, Farelo-Fernandez has an obligation to just a wee bit of Attention to Detail. Now, as Eric Miller continues to ABSOLUTELY REF– USE TO ALLOW ETHIC INVESTIGATIONS to commence against High Level NAMFS Regime Offender Members like Heather Berghorst, the disgraced and former NAMFS Regime Secretary currently facing allegations in federal court of Embezzlement, Fraud and Larceny from Contractors; Willful and Malicious Injury Claims from Fifth Third Bank; and other banks now entering the fray, it is apparent to me, at least, that we are looking at a potential financial terrorist organization. — You have my Business Card Adriana if you ever want to share why you are protecting these people including Michael Breese, HomeStar Property Services whom owes nearly half a million to another NAMFS Rank and File Member Northsight Management!

3 Dollar Screenshot

31 Dollar Recruitment Letter

NAMFS iField Screenshot

It boggles the mind that people could even contemplate sending shit like this out. I am simply at a loss of words! The telling sign is that instead of stating iFieldServices is an NAMFS Regime Offender Member or something like that, THEY STATE THEY ARE SUPPORTED BY NAMFS! So, here we have actual, tangible proof that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services SUPPORTS THREE DOLLAR INSPECTIONS!

With respect to Breese, we are scheduled to debrief a High Level Source whom has a tremendous amount of information with respect to Wallace. This will be, how shall we say, eye opening when we roll it out!

Folks, as we gear up for #OpHomeStar, things are going to begin to get messy. Currently, there is not a single National Order Mill I have found capable of even paying their bills on time. To this same fact, Altisource has become extremely recalcitrant with respect to allowing any legal or legitimate on boarding of non Lee Mertins associates. Remember, Mertins & Co. were onboarded by yet another Florida hack, Eduardo San Roman. Word on the bricks is that San Roman has been kicked to the curb or so chatter seems to be. Ironic, in that San Roman really believed that he was running the show. As usual nothing more glamorous than pedestrian bullshit. Mertins has made clear, in the inner circles as I hear, that he runs the shop. Even Nesbit seems to cower these days. As I figured, all along, San Roman is nothing but a subservient hack. Before long, San Roman may potentially be Nesbit’s replacement if you ask me.

Inspectors on Lunch Break --- From Wikipedia
Inspectors on Lunch Break — From Wikipedia

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