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NAMFS Committee Members Begin To Sound Off

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) is a trainwreck in slow motion. Day in and day out, the NAMFS Board of Directors are having to deal with a half baked Executive Director, Eric Miller, while Foreclosurepedia acts as the Roastmaster General. Miller, whom is annually paid well over ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR WHICH CONSUMES OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES, has overseen the largest Membership Drop in the history of NAMFS. As if that wasn’t enough, the Miller Regime has presided over what appears to be a subprime crisis when you look at the hundreds of thousands of dollars which the Miller Regime has lost over the past several years. More on that, in a moment.

Eleissa Walker of Walker Field Services in Florida wrote me today. Walker was quite concerned over several things including wanting the record quite clear that,

I have had nothing to do with NAMFS since late 2014. Did not go to 2014 conference, have not paid my 2015 dues, have not made any  membership conference call all year and at this moment have no plans on attending 2015 conference.

Walker’s position was that an article I wrote not long ago unfairly painted her as a bad company to work for and she was never contacted by me.

This is what I call drinking the Kool Aid which the Miller Regime appears to hand out when someone is placed on one of Miller’s hand picked and cleared Committees. Before I address Walker’s absurd claims, I want to couch them with precisely that which Eric Miller had to say a half dozen hours before Walker came out swinging,

It appears that you have sent several emails to what looks like the Membership Committee that both Liz and I are listed as recipients but are not receiving.  

The drinking of the Kool Aid which Miller proverbially provides is a dangerous thing. With respect to Miller’s apparent inability to confront reality; Miller’s continual shifting of the blame to someone else — almost always the blame is laid upon Labor — the fact of the matter is that NAMFS has some extremely serious problems both with keeping track of their records — as we will demonstrate momentarily — and complying with even the most basic of information security protocols.

In reply to Miller’s grasping at straws generated by pressures from NAMFS Members — it should be noted that Miller specifically excluded the NAMFS Membership Committee whereas we had included them in all emails — Foreclosurepedia replied,

If your email address is not receiving my emails it would be due to a manual blocking issue refined in your and Ms Ziots’ personal settings. My emails originate from Google Servers which means that they are white listed by every server on earth except perhaps China and other totalitarian regime nations. There are no 200, 400 or 500 Series Server Errors which means that your server received them, all of them. Server logs cannot lie.

Your mail originates from  Concerning is the fact that it does not support Transport Layer Security (TLS) which means your servers are not set up for encrypted email. It is a brave, new world Mr Miller. You may want to bear that in mind as NAMFS engages in an environment cognizable under Dodd Frank. With that said, your email originated from an AT&T DSL landline in Brecksville, OH, right up from the Shell station and across from the Third Federal Savings bank; was delivered to a TW Telecom Holdings Inc. server in Bahama, NC, by servers whom you use for your mail provider and then to my Google Servers as I am a developer with them. Bahama would stand to reason as your hosting provider is located in Morrisville, NC.

Miller’s reply completely floored me. As opposed to addressing any of the issues surrounding the fact that HE PERSONALLY CLEARED AND CONTINUES TO KEEP IN POWER Joe Hummel, whom has been convicted of financial crimes; as opposed to taking steps to IMMEDIATELY SECURE the NAMFS email servers and thank me for bringing that to his attention, Miller responded like a petulant child whom lost his toy; Miller acted like a spoiled little freshman girl whose sexual skills had been exposed for precisely what they were — petty and inconsequential when compared to her upper classmen. Miller had this to say,

I can assure you that NAMFS is not manually blocking your emails as I have received many in the past across a variety of subjects.  NAMFS also appreciates your detailed description of our email services and locations.

Are you fucking shitting me, Eric? Look, if NAMFS is so terrified of publicly retrievable data; if the NAMFS Information Technology is so inherently shitty — it is as we saw when even Google exposed the NAMFS Website as being hacked and Miller refused my help even then — then maybe Miller should consider returning some of the nearly TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS IN PAY RAISES as of FY2013 to fix their shit which announces to the world when emails are sent — Foreclosurepedia cannot determine pay raises after FY2013 as we are not allowed access to the NAMFS FY2014 Income Tax Form — NAMFS still has not been able to file them yet.

In the same way that Eric Miller states that he and Liz Ziots never received any of Foreclosurepedia’s emails which he responded to from his NAMFS email to mine, so to Eleissa Walker stated she was never contacted. Foreclosurepedia, in its same methodical manner showed this not to be the case. The fact of the matter, though, is that Walker’s statements further establish the fact that the Miller Regime is not simply asleep at the wheel, Miller and his string pullers are completely incompetent and Miller as an Executive Director is derelict in his duties to have oversight upon NAMFS day-to-day operations.

Your email was obtained from the last set of emails which NAMFS then Membership Chairman David Dolan delivered for last month’s NAMFS Membership Committee delivery of Minutes.

I will draft an article when I get back from working in the field addressing your concerns.

In all due candor it is disingenuous to state I have not attempted to contact you and others as multiple emails have gone out to the email address from which you are replying to me from including an originating email stating anyone wishing to be removed to advise accordingly.

I am empathetic to the plight of NAMFS Rank and File; however, I understand that you are no longer a Member.

Had Eric Miller spent less time attempting to keep in power Hummel whom has been convicted of financial crimes; had Eric Miller spent less time on his proverbial knees, ears wide shut refusing to perform due diligence upon Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS), Eric Miller might have realized that confidential information had been circulated to non NAMFS Members for well over a year — This is specific to Ms Walker.

Walker had this, in part, to say in response to my reply,

I’m sure your email came across my desk but I delete all NAMFS email so if that was in the subject or title I am sure I didn’t read it because I was not concern[ed] with NAMFS related issue[s].

I am empathetic to the plight of the NAMFS Rank and File. It is obvious that Miller sold them on a false bill of goods with respect to being able to protect them — Miller cannot even protect himself or his family from exposure. Time and time and time again, the Miller Regime stands at the ready to get their dicks slammed in a vice. Here is a novel thought: Why not just tell the truth? I mean why not admit that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services is in such complete and total catastrophic free fall that they do not even know what lie to tell to cover the previous one? The belief that the continued protection of Miller and Liz Ziots will continue at the expense of others is precisely that which The Emperor Wears No Clothes rests upon. The overwhelming majority of the NAMFS Rank and File willingly share in a collective ignorance of an obvious fact, despite individually recognising the absurdity of the fact that Miller will eventually have them all on Front Street with respect to Google Searches and federal regulators. Don McPherson, Coastal Mortgage Services, is a great example. Adam Buczek is climbing the ranks with his entire name and business web references citing only Foreclosurepedia on ZoomInfo.

Eric Miller and the Miller Regime have a world view which is unacceptable and intolerable. The belief that enough profit cleanses the soul it a radical doctrine preached by these financial terrorist extremists. For over two decades, NAMFS lurked in the shadows preying upon the unsuspecting, innocent men and women of Labor.

This is the prima facie style of NAMFS for two and a half decades: Create a sense of belonging; allocate a false sense of power and control upon Committees to those whom might be groomed for Board Positions much like a sexual predator does children; and finally ensure that Policy is never debated by the Membership. It was the quintessential wet dream of the puppeteers whom pulled Eric Miller’s strings. And the reality was that there was no one to challenge it until Foreclosurepedia came along.

Fore anyone whom has observed Miler in his natural habitat, it becomes immediately apparent that the only way this bottom feeder was ever advanced pertained to his ability to be used as a puppet. Much like President Obama, Miller serves as a proxy.

When the Miller Regime came into power within NAMFS, there became a belief that the era of John Ward must be purged. Ward, whom selflessly sacrificed both his time and resources to bring NAMFS into existence, was antithetical to the Miller Regime in that Miller and his family needed a six figure salary which would be increased by roughly ten thousand dollars per year regardless of performance.

If you want to understand the level of criminality of which NAMFS operates at you have to understand that they are controlled by highly sophisticated individuals, not financial institutions, and Eric Miller is a lonely puppet on a string; Miller is a marionette which the Master has long forgotten about.

The way in which the NAMFS Board of Directors have ensured command and control of the Mortgage Field Services Industry is not so much about what is has done as opposed to capitalizing upon that which has not been done. Technology is a sterling example of what I mean. Many are aware of the fact that Foreclosurepedia has been working closely with the developers of a platform which will replace Pruvan, Property Preservation Wizard and third party providers whom provide items like Microsoft Office; Microsoft 365 Live — the platform used for email communications and distro lists. In fact, Foreclosurepedia meets in Philadelphia on the 25th and 26th of this month to host a closed door meeting with both domestic and international participants flying in from 4 nations.

In 2011, NAMFS had over 550 Members. That was when the Miller Regime took over. Today, that number is under 400. The fact of the matter is that I am going to begin to drill down on each and every Committee Member; I am going to make participation within the NAMFS Committees a costly endeavor unless and until these Committee Members obey the law. I do not take vacations and I do not have holidays. While there may be a kid born in Oldsmar, FL, in July, I could give two fucking shits because I am not going to stop. Unless and until Joe Hummel is removed; unless and until Ethics Hearings commence and unless and until Miller is gone, there will be no peace.

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