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Aspen Grove: Management Seems To Be Exempted

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) is under tremendous scrutiny lately due to a multitude of its Offender Members defrauding millions upon millions of dollars from the innocent Men and Women of Labor. The latest of the #NAMFS Fraudsters is none other than the scurrilous Tony and Mark Newkirk of SEAS LLC. With the signature of Robert Kapeluch in hand, SEAS LLC dispatched fraudulent and bogus checks across the eastern seaboard with one landing in South Carolina to the tune of Ten Thousand Dollars. Eric Miller, NAMFS Regime Executive Director and Adriana Farelo-Fernandez, NAMFS Regime Vice President, seem to approve of this activity for neither will allow Ethics Investigations to commence against SEAS LLC. In addition, the following NAMFS Regime Board Members, listed below, are seated upon the NAMFS Membership and Education Committees. They, as well, have refused to demand Ethics Investigations against SEAS LLC, their former NAMFS Regime Secretary whom filed her second bankruptcy and defrauded nearly a million dollars from Labor; Altisource, whom has refused to compensate Labor for their services upon pre conveyance foreclosured properties; Buczek Enterprises whom defrauded yet another million dollars --- yeah, this is Fraud on Steroids.

If you recognize an email address, I would be very hesitant to either purchase products from or work for any of these people or their firms. The fact of the matter is simply reach out to them and ask why it is that they are supportive of a total and complete ban on Ethics Investigations.

Do you have to be a clairvoyant and capable of prognosticating any manner of potential pitfalls a current, former or potential employee may possess?

MSI is a company which seems to be up on the radar lately. I put them at the 35 percentile as to whether or not they will make it past a flash in the pan. Just like GTJ Consulting whom is behind nearly 130+ days in pay on Fannie Mae Contracts in Michigan --- that is coming direct from a Contractor --- the reality there is a lot unanswered questions. Topping the list is Nabil El Gadari, MSIs Vice President of Operations. El Gadari appears to have just a bit of baggage down in Hillsborough County, Florida. Many of the Foreclosurepedia Nation will recall that Hillsborough County is the genesis of the SEAS LLC debacle and in my opinion Ground Zero for everything unkosher in the Industry today.

In 2003, a Nabil El Gadari, was arraigned in Hillsborough County District Court in the Matter of State of Florida v Gadari, Nabil El Case Number 03-CM-030424-A. The Charge was Violation of Florida Statutes 784031AB BATTERY (DOMESTIC VIOLENCE). The El Gadari aforementioned meets the same criteria as the El Gadari currently employed by MSI.

Foreclosurepedia reached out today to MSI in an attempt to discuss whether or not MSI had ran an Aspen Grove Background Check on El Gadari. By the time of publication, we had received no reply. Our inquiry is whether or not MSI condones violence against women and whether or not Anti Semitic beliefs are proper for C Level personnel. Both are prudent as the Mortgage Field Services Industry is comprised of both female business owners whom El Gadari would have access to on a daily basis and go no further than the recent terrorist attacks both in Boston and upon the World Trade Center to establish the fact that radical Islam is probably not that which MSI wants to flourish within the confines of its cubicles.

Five Brothers is no stranger to conflicts of interest nor litigation. Joe Badalamenti, owner of Five Brothers and his son-in-law Tom Kalas are, in fact, staring down one of the most prolific pieces of False Claims Act violations in the history of the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Sources speaking on condition of anonymity state that the Sealed Qui Tam pending against both Five Brothers, its subsidiaries and US Bank will be unsealed next week. Foreclosurepedia has possessed a copy of this for months and out of difference to both sides, we kept it on ice. We will accordingly release as well.

In addition, Five Brothers, along with Green Tree LLC, are being sued for contributing to the death of a homeowner in a survival, wrongful death, negligence, negligent supervision, violations of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, 15 U.S.C. §§ (FDCPA), down in South Carolina. It passed Motions to Dismiss on the Breach of Contract Claim which strikes me as the important one. --- US District Court For The District of South Carolina Anderson/Greenwood Division, Case No. 8:14-1165-TMC

Five Brothers is also being sued by McCue Mortgage for allegedly failing to put a ton of homes into conveyance condition. It is up in the US District Court For the District of Connecticut, Case No. 3:15-cv-00287-AWT. This one is a bad one as back in 2014 the below letter was sent to Joe Bada and the crew,

Where Foreclosurepedia got interested, though, is with respect to Melissa Shankin, Five Brothers Operations Manager. It appears that Shankin has a cocaine habit. Shankin was actually convicted for this fairly recently. In addition, though, Shankin has tax judgments, civil judgments and even owes money to a funeral home. Here, take a look at what Foreclosurepedia found with respect to Shankin,

The fact of the matter is that one simply cannot make this shit up. I am at a loss to understand precisely how it is that National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Offender Members are exempted from the very same background checks that Eric Miller and his two bit Miami huxter Adriana Farelo-Fernandez shoveled down the throats of Labor. My honest belief is that Eric Miller receives kickbacks and that Farelo-Fernandez is laundering the kickbacks in typical Cocaine Cowboy style in Miami- Dade. Is this what is going on? I don't know. What I do know is that I have never, in my life, seen the amount of corruption, criminal fraud, racketeering and civil rights discriminations all under the roof of a non profit organization.

I mean how in the hell do you have a woman whom is a borderline drug trafficker as an Operations Manager? This woman has access to a plethora of personally identifiable information pertaining to homeowners whom have already suffered at the hands of financial institutions. Based upon the civil judgment track record of Shankin, it is completely plausible that Shankin could be monetizing this data and without transparency many more lives are potentially jeopardized.

Time and time again, the NAMFS Board Members listed above have refused to operate within the boundaries of a civil society. And yet these same NAMFS Board Members believe that they should be accorded the very same protections which they refuse to accord to non NAMFS Members. History reflects the fact that when there is a breakdown in the protection of citizens by its government, violent rebellion ensues. I want to be clear that while I do not support violence as a means of securing an objective, the reality is that I am not my brother's keeper. Local, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies had, until the SEAS LLC issue, refused to even look at the conspiracies ongoing within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. I have predicted and I stand by my prediction that at some point in time, there will be a body count in the Industry.

Foreclosurepedia has every intention of attending the #NAMFS Fraud Fest in New Orleans this September. We are organizing to both picket and preparing for unconventional activities to ensure that NAMFS and its Members receive an appropriate welcome in the Big Easy. As opposed to the isolation of Stow, OH, the reality is that New Orleans is a patchwork of those whom will stand up for justice. We are additionally amassing a war chest for both purchasing advertisement on the NAMFS Website --- and this one I PRAY TO WHATEVER G-D MIGHT BE OUT THERE THAT MILLER REF-- USES OUR PURCHASE BECA-- USE I WILL OWN HIM AND HIS FAMILY --- for media activities; for surveillance activities --- yeah, more than just beer and burgers are consumed at these parties --- for demonstration permits issued by the Orleans Parish; and for legal expenses anticipated --- yeah, OPP ain't no place to be! ;)

For those familiar with New Orleans, make no mistake that there is an enormous underground network of both anarchists and countless numbers of victims of gentrification. The genesis of the litigation against Safeguard Properties, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and several other NAMFS Members for racial discrimination --- many have been quietly settled. Neither NAMFS nor this Industry have a clue about battling both protracted and unconventional protesting which myself and others perfected during the WTO Protests in Seattle back in 1999.

When taking on a big and well-known target, it is often the target’s reaction to your action that’s the key to success. Therefore, anticipate your target’s reactions and write them into your script.

I am going to leave everyone with a clip from the Sealed Qui Tam against Five Brothers and US Bank which Foreclosurepedia will release next week. It succinctly describes precisely how corrupt NAMFS and the NAMFS Regime Offender Members are,

How about Chris Dorpat, Jay Goscinski, Dean Counce, Heather Berghorst, Adam Buczek, Amanda Buczek, Beers Housing, Boris Whiteside, Matt Martin, Lee Mertins --- fuck it, you get the point. And how about good 'ol Joe Hummel? Yeah, there is a man whom must be wearing knee pads under the podium as the NAMFS Regime gives speeches if I ever thought anyone would! See you all on the other side for ...

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