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Terry Platt and Sherry Bailey: Censorship Comes In Pairs Now

I always love people like Sherry Bailey. She runs the Property Preservation, REO Maintenance & Field Service Contractors Group over on LinkedIn. I say she runs it; however, she has Terry Platt doing her dirt for her. I bring this up as while I have no problem if a Group wants to remain private and not allow admittance, once you allow admittance, to condone censorship is bullshit --- my bad, you will understand it is Business As Usual once you read on. You see, the dirty little secret is that Bailey allows Platt to hold comments for moderation --- mine for months now --- to ensure that nothing negative is said about NAMFS Members. Fuck Bailey and her haggard looking ass, for real! We will have the RESPA Complaints out Monday. Make no mistake you two bit hack, I have forgotten more Real Estate Law --- hell, law in general --- than you or your fucktard lawyers will ever learn. That's my Opinion and I am sticking to it girl!

Bailey claims to run or be a partner or who the fuck really knows over at NHI Real Estate --- note that she has removed this from her Profile and it appears she took the site down. She had quite a long haul as alleging to have done work in Tennessee and Georgia; however, as most Order Mills, she has no license in either state. Her Photobucket, a photo below, still displays her Username as NHI Real Estate.

Yahoo is pretty hard to take down rapidly, which is what #Fraudsters tend to do. Below, you can view what they have to say, even though Bailey has attempted to redact the cyber trail,

  • Bailey, Sherry President - New Heights Real Estate Services, Incorporated
    Property Management
    0 reviews on Yahoo

    Is this your business? Verify your listing

  • 2680 Temperance Hall Rd, Rock Spring, GA 30739 Cross Streets: Between Millsap Ln and Rodeo Dr
  • (423) 667-0262

Just out of curiosity, where the fuck are you incorporated out of? I mean 423 is my area code sweetie and nothing in Tennessee nor Georgia. Normally, I wouldn't sweat some elderly lady like Bailey; I have empathy for women like her whom life has been unkind to as best I can tell, but she decided to jump in bed with the Former National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Chief Propagandist, Terry Platt. If you don't remember Platt, simply ask around in Florida or California precisely how much money he fucked people out of for his Porn Store Comic Books. Or simply type his name in the Search Bar or Google his name --- we pick up on Page Two. Foreclosurepedia would still be Page One of Google, but we felt bad for the hack --- I mean the former Undercover Agent, Boat Commander, Pilot, Espionage Agent and on and on. Platt has a shitload of medical issues and we decided to back off. Now, though, that Platt and his haggard old lady seem to be in better health, we are going to crank the propaganda machine back up.

Platt is a racist extraordinare. Below is the article he tried to delete, but we recovered documenting his hatred of African Americans and Muslims. Would make sense why Bailey, a 50 something looking white lady would want to partner with him on his censorship mission. On the real, fuck Bailey and Platt as I have never had much love for racists.

Platt states he was a Confidential Informant: "... and worked for the U.S. Treasury Department in a confidential capacity[,]" as Platt's Personal Blog intimates, is the touchstone to understand what type of man he is. I have never personally had any respect for those people whom skulk in the shadows. It does make sense, though, why he is so down on his knees with mouth open wide in support of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime.

Terry Platt is a freelance commercial writer especially talented in discovering marketing opportunities and creating specialized copy for those markets.

Terry has over 12 years of experience as a licensed Private Investigator specializing in Internet Research  and has degrees in Business, Electronics and Computer Programming.

Prior to his career in Internet Investigations, Terry served as a certified law enforcement officer for city, county and state agencies and worked for the U.S. Treasury Department in a confidential capacity.

As a U.S. Coast Guard licensed ship master, Terry also has experience operating sea going vessels up to 300 feet in length in the Gulf Coast areas of the U.S. as well as the Caribbean and Central and South America.

Wow! Does this guy turn water into wine?! I mean Platt is a Rhodes Scholar it would appear. First, Platt is a PI, then he was a municipal cop; a county cop; and then a state cop. Gave that up to be a snitch. I wonder if that was before or after his Pirates of the Caribbean episode with the US Cost Guard?! The show stopper, though, is Platt's obvious racist and Anti Muslim tendencies. Here is an Article that was Deep Web scrapped as part of the ISTAR Database Project. Talk of Semmes is a website which Platt owns and operates,

I mean Jesus Christ! Stating publicly that you have a problem with Muslims?! What's next, Platt?! Should all Non White, Non Christians be banned from the Mortgage Field Services Industry?! Also, I am kinda curious why it is the Article seems to be missing from your current Website? The above was published on 01 October, 2013.

The vile depths to which people like Terry Platt will go to in an attempt of furthering the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime, along with SEAS LLC, as his paymaster are mind boggling. I mean I am not sure precisely how it is that his Sponsors and Columnists feel comfortable with his position --- unless they all are Anti Muslim as well?!

Platt has an All Star Line Up of pundits in his Columnist List. We have Tom Cono over at MegaTec Asset Management; we have Michael Evangelo over at National Mortgage Field Services --- remind me to tell the story about how he called all in a sweat about having to email piles of Background Checks to Joe Badalamenti over at Five Brothers and not sure about the legality. We have Glenn Mollette, an oddity in the Platt Stable, but all the same focused on the same type of negative rhetoric Platt spews,

A lot of America has died. We are breathing and going through the motions. We are collecting our food stamps, government assistance and in too many cases numbing ourselves on prescription drugs. Hopelessness is widespread from Butcher Holler to every mega city house and condo throughout the United States. Sadly many suburban houses are filled with depressed, drug sedated Americans who cannot find the internal wherewithal to get up and get moving.

Really, Glenn?! Is that up in your Kentucky neck of the woods? Hell, son could've fooled me! My America, the America I fought for, is ALIVE AND WELL! I take GREAT OFFENSE to your condescending, holier than thou attitude. Maybe if you got off of that Pulpit of yours for a moment and spent a bit of time with the Masses like Jesus did, you might not be so derogatory to your fellow American Citizens. Ach, that's right! You get a tax free life, don't you?! I mean the big Seminary Founder and all. On the real, I made it through a couple of his right wing White Man posts on Facebook and took a cold shower. So, yeah I can see how the Muslim tirade Platt was on could dovetail with Herr Mollette. Never fear, the White Anglo Saxon Protestant is always close by to kick the colored folk in the guts!

Mollette is all over the place --- normal for the Right Wing Christian. In one Article, Mollette is ranting about a South African, fresh off the boat 2 days, not being able to speak English. Really?! Ironic that he had a job and was able to provide you and your son a ride in his cab, wasn't it!!! In another Article, Herr Mollette is out on the Poverty Pimp soap box preaching the Gospel of Isolationism. Hey, wait a minute. I thought that the furtherance of Political Agendas could jeopardize a Church's Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax exemption status? Note to self: Drill down on this Apartheid hack.

Sherry Bailey and the Foreclosurepedia Nation are going to become extremely well acquainted over the weekend. In fact, Bailey might feel like we were a proverbial sleep over guest when we are done. I have news for Bailey: If you think that your censorship keeps you all warm and fuzzy as you and Platt share Viagra stories over Skype, I got news for you. You know that little webcam on the laptop and on your smartphone? Yeah, wave baby! Make no mistake whatsoever the technology is real. Take a read through my blog if you want to learn how it is done. And that pesky blinking light in the smoke detector? Yeah, might not be the battery, huh?!

Catch us on the Foreclosurepedia Podcast tonight as we get down in the gutter on Sherry Bailey. We are lining up some ex's whom appear to have quite a bit to say provided they don't get radio shy!  ;)

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