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Eric Miller: Keeping Joe Hummel Runs Contrary To Wells Fargo

Eric Miller, the Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS), has been under constant and continued fire to step down for over a year now. Miller’s policy of favoritism has recently found he and NAMFS deeply buried in a quagmire of potentially criminal activity with respect to their questionable involvement with Sean C Ryan and Aspen Grove Solutions. In fact, the Foreclosurepedia Series entitled Wells Fargo and the Sherman Act begins to ask the hard questions which no Member of Labor or Management had the spine to ask.

Since the Miller Regime has begun the occupation of the NAMFS Board, the reality is that the levels of fraud and lawlessness have escalated to such a point that even US Government Regulators are beginning to take notice. With the ousting of Heather Berghorst, NAMFS Regime former and disgraced Secretary, it has been a downward spiral. Berghorst whom defrauded over a million dollars from Members of Labor, thought she would simply pocket the money, give a cut back to NAMFS and retire. A federal judge in Michigan thought otherwise.

During the course of Berghorst’s second bankruptcy, a federal judge ordered payments upon some of the debt to those Members of Labor whom decided to file a Complaint. In addition, Fifth Third Bank filed Willful and Malicious Injury charges against Berghorst for burying an enormous amount of cash and assets in a manner calculated to defraud they as well. Foreclosurepedia has been working with Fifth Third’s Special Assets Group, Research and Recovery Team by providing intelligence with respect to Eric Miller’s extremely close friend Berghorst. Ah, most of you weren’t aware of the fact that while Eric Miller hates me, many within the financial sector actually appreciate the intelligence database I maintain over in the ISTAR Clear Base.

You see, if you have a proclivity, chances are pretty damn good I have a file on it in ISTAR. I am a patient man. I would love to go back to cutting grass on the real; however, Miller and his thugs will have no part of it. So thus, I build files for a living. And those home security systems that everyone rushes out to buy? Yeah, here is an example one of them. This is the public list not the ISTAR List.

I state this and I believe that Eric Miller and other NAMFS Board of Directors have received either financial or other compensation for their refusal to remove Berghorst from the NAMFS Membership rolls at that time, even after bankruptcy, and as with the multi million dollar defraudments by Jay Goscinski of Michigan Realty Solutions; Buczek Enterprises; SEAS LLC; and Altisource, Miller and the NAMFS Board of Directors refused to ever allow Ethics Hearing to commence.

So heinous and obscene has the looting of the American Public been at the hands of NAMFS Regime Offender Members, even Miller has begun to believe that he is untouchable. For the second consecutive year, Foreclosurepedia has filed an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 13909 Complaint to compel NAMFS to release their Income Tax Returns known as the IRS Form 990. Earlier today Miller wrote Foreclosurepedia stating,

It appears that you have sent several emails to what looks like the Membership Committee that both Liz and I are listed as recipients but are not receiving.

Really? Are you serious? How in the fuck would you ever come to that conclusion if no one was getting the emails?! After several calls with NAMFS Membership Committee Members asking why Miller was being uncooperative; after having server logs proving NAMFS Servers at 3essentials.com received the emails to Miller and Ziots, you wrote that? The fact of the matter is that while FY2013 Income Tax returns documented nearly Fifty Thousand dollars in losses; the NAMFS Form 990 which was compelled by IRS to be delivered to Foreclosurepedia, FY2014 will be catastrophically worse.

This brings me, full circle, to Joe Hummel. Hummel was convicted of financial crimes in the State of Texas for his involvement in an invoice scheme to defraud a large business out of over One Hundred and Thirty Thousand Dollars. Miller, in direct contravention to the NAMFS By Laws seated Hummel on both the Financial and Membership Committees as Hummel did not have the requisite time in rank. Even after being presented with evidence of the financial crimes Hummel was convicted of, Miller refused to remove Hummel from the Committees. Making matters even worse, Miller and the entire NAMFS Membership and Financial Committees have been advised that Hummel is being given confidential and proprietary information from Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS). This information allows both Hummel and Integrated Solutions to gain an unfair and economic advantage over competitors. This type of industrial espionage goes beyond common fraud in that the starting sentences generally begin at 20 years to life.

Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) issued the following statement today regarding its decision to terminate the employment of Wells Fargo team members due to past criminal matters involving dishonesty or breach of trust:

The decision to terminate team members over criminal matters that occurred prior to their employment with Wells Fargo may seem tough – we recognize that these situations are difficult for everyone involved – but laws and regulations related to the employment of bank employees are designed to protect the interests of all consumers who put their trust in financial service companies.

As an insured depository institution, Wells Fargo is bound by Section 19 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act that prohibits us from hiring or continuing the employment of any person who we know has a criminal record involving dishonesty or breach of trust – regardless of when the incidents occurred. This includes convictions as well as situations where the person has agreed to enter into a pretrial diversion or similar program in connection with a prosecution for such an offense, even if the charges ultimately are dismissed. Wells Fargo has been performing thorough background checks on all its team members – regardless of when they were hired – which includes a fingerprint check with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

We encourage job candidates and team members alike to reveal any past convictions to us at both the time of hire and when rescreenings are conducted. Those who are found to have a disqualifying criminal record have the ability to dispute the accuracy of the information we receive and to otherwise appeal their termination if they believe a mistake has been made. They can also apply to the FDIC for written permission to work at a financial institution despite the existence of the disqualifying conviction.

A financial institution’s violation of Section 19 can result in a fine of up to $1,000,000 per day, imprisonment for up to five years, or both.

While the NAMFS Board and Committee Members may believe that the men and women of Labor are poor, white trash and that minorities are best dealt with in a rude and disrespectful manner the fact of the matter is that the reckless disregard with which the National Association of Mortgage Field Services has treated those whom enriched them is very soon going to come to an end.

Over the next month or so, Foreclosurepedia will bring into focus levels of criminality and atrocities which will make even the apparent Sherman Act violations surrounding Eric Miller’s nefarious scheme with Aspen Grove Solutions look inconsequential. These are not petty actions of fraud against Members of Labor; these are crimes which will ensure even those whom have been untouchable will be touched.

I am speaking directly to the NAMFS Committee Members whom contacted me today. I will not stop until Miller and each of you whom support Miller’s actions are brought to justice. I want to be clear here that unless and until the NAMFS Board of Directors begin to hold Miller and their fellow Members accountable; unless and until the NAMFS Committee Members begin to obey the law, I will not stop my pursuit for justice. For those of you whom actually know anything more than licking the boots of Eric Miller, be advised that that Hummel being upon the same Committee you people are seated upon, will ensure regulators pay close and particular attention to your Firms.

This is what I promise every current and future member of the NAMFS Board of Directors and NAMFS Committee Members: Complete and Total Financial Armageddon. The articles like those of Don McPherson, owner of Coastal Mortgage Services and a NAMFS Board of Governors member whose son whom took THREE SOLID MINUTES strangulating and brutally murdered an innocent 15 year old girl after luring her out of her window in Florida will become commonplace. There will be no stone unturned. There will be no topic or family member off limits; Foreclosurepedia will no longer be restrained by moral constraints which NAMFS Board and Committee Members are not hampered by.

We are going to dig deeply on people like Miguel Mesarina-Duharte. We are going to discuss whether or not having children out of wedlock is really the type of message to send in the financial community. We are going to talk about trips during the London Winter Term to be quite precise. We are going to pay heavy attention to Louisville simply because it is my old stomping grounds. The ISTAR Clear Base File is located here.


In the same way that as the financial crisis peaked in 2010 with over 6 million foreclosures due in no small part to bank CEOs picking their own Board, so to Eric Miller has picked and placed specifically his own Board and Committee Members whom will remain silent allowing financial criminals like Joe Hummel to continue to perpetuate fraud with impunity. Whether or not you like my opinions; whether or not you believe that the NAMFS Board of Directors is powerless, the simple fact of the matter is that Hummel will go — Period. And Eric Miller, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU ASK JOE ABOUT BOTH HIS NAVY CAREER AND HIS RECREATIONAL CHARGES IN NEW JERSEY!

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