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Why The Mafia Would Love Sean C Ryan

Sean C Ryan, Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS), seems to have a failing memory. Ryan’s LinkedIn Page lists AGS as being founded in Boston, MA, in 1997; however, the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts does not seem to concur. In fact, Foreclosurepedia was hard pressed to confirm very much at all truthful from Ryan’s LinkedIn Profile. That’s how it goes, though, when you hit it big. And hitting it big is precisely what Ryan did. He probably would have gotten away with it had there not been an obscure posting in an Internet Relay Chat Server in Hungary several weeks ago pertaining to a haven for identity fraud over on the Dark Net — remember kids, you need to put on TOR to go trolling over there. 😉

When we talk about anti competitive behavior, one needs to go no further than the Bankruptcy of Jefferson County, Alabama. You see, Goldman Sachs — near and dear to our underlying protagonist of Wells Fargo — took a $3 Million dollar bribe from JP Morgan Chase to let Chase come in and be the — AND LISTEN TO THIS TERMbe the sole provider in some shitty debt swaps for Birmingham. Poor Birmingham, all they wanted was a waste treatment facility and ended up with more shit than they started with.

The fact of the matter is that the vast majority of that which Ryan purports to be the truth is questionable at best. Don’t take my word for it, take a read from Ryan’s own words,

Aspen Grove Solutions is a leading enterprise provider of property related technology solutions for REO, Short Sale, Asset Management, Property Preservation, Vendor Management and Compliance. Founded in Boston, MA in 1997, and now based in Frederick, MD, this privately held company continues to expand its offerings through the Aspen iFamily™ suite of products, led by Aspen iRecord™. — Red color added by Editor.

Foreclosurepedia to the liberty of snapshotting the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Corporation Database,


Aspen Grove Solutions and specifically Sean C Ryan has become the Poster Child of corruption in a Post John Ward NAMFS environment. The reality is that Ryan could give two shits as chances are pretty damn good he would never stand trial as he is a foreign national. Ryan is an Irishman. And have no doubt that Ryan will be around for yet another volley on another continent doing the same, tired schemes hustling the same working class citizens.

Now, as Foreclosurepedia demonstrated earlier in our Series, Aspen Grove INC has kinda-sorta been around since 18 FEB 99 in Delaware; Aspen Grove INC came to MA in 2002 as subscribed and sworn to by the then Aspen Grove INC President Monica Horan whom was President of Aspen Grove INC until the last moments in 2007 – 08, when Ryan took over as President then for the closing of the doors in MA.

I don’t really know how the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) runs their business. What I do know is that they have lost their Vice President, Secretary and Membership Chairman as a direct result of #OpNAMFS — and this over the past several months. One would think, though, that when you have a company spinning up multiple clones of itself in Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts and Missouri — to name a few — it becomes incumbent upon society to inquire as to precisely why this is happening. Aspen Grove INC was additionally spun up, originally in MA by two Americans and Ryan was kept at a FAR DISTANCE for some reason.

The perpetration of financial fraud is to be expected from NAMFS Offender Members. The Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS) scheme, though, is far more troubling. AGS has assembled biometric data on tens of thousands of Americans supposedly at the behest of Wells Fargo. In fact, though, Wells Fargo has categorically disavowed them. Should anyone — THIS IS DIRECTED TO YOU ERIC MILLER — like to challenge that, feel free to call me and I will give you the name of the Senior Vice President I spoke with.

To make matters even worse, Foreclosurepedia filed yet another Internal Revenue Service 13909 Complaint against both Miller and all Members of the Membership and Financial Committees as they have all refused to release the NAMFS Form 990 — their income tax report. Second complaint in as many years. It may not matter, though. NAMFS has lost its Secretary, Vice President and now Membership Chairman in only several months as a direct result of #OpNAMFS. The entire Board of Directors — President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer — are also being purged with yet another election in September. Miller? No, he stays because he self appoints himself year after year.

My concerns are that even though NAMFS stated, early on, that no information would be accessible from other countries other than the United States, this in fact was a lie. In fact, in a 2015 Presentation by AGS in Kerry County, Ireland, Breda O’Dwyer of the Centre of Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development at the IT Tralee, presented confirmation of such. Ms O’Dwyer would be considered to be a credible individual, what with a BBS, MBA, NCEE Fellow in Entrepreneurship, Harvard University Certificate in Problem Based Learning and studying for a PhD in Entrepreneurship at the University of Ulster, I am pretty sure she understood the illustration below.

ags servers

While Eric Miller, the Executive Director of NAMFS whom collects over ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING OVER SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBER DUES, may not care if US Citizen information is accessible by Ireland, I am. Why? Let me walk you through some stark realities about terrorism in Ireland which Sean C Ryan would rather keep hidden.

In 1973, McGuinness was convicted by the Republic of Ireland’s Special Criminal Court, after being arrested near a car containing 250 lb (113 kg) of explosives and nearly 5,000 rounds of ammunition. He refused to recognise the court, and was sentenced to six months imprisonment. In court, he declared his membership of the Provisional IRA without equivocation: ‘We have fought against the killing of our people… I am a member of Óglaigh na hÉireann and very, very proud of it’.

In 2011, he ran for President of Ireland. Not Northern Ireland mind you, but IRELAND. The same Country that the Foreign Nationally owned Aspen Grove Solutions hails from.

In March 2010 the situation in Ireland changed. For the first time a large scale operation was launched by the security services in order to disrupt and arrest several Muslim extremists. It later transpired that those arrested were actively involved in planning an operation to assassinate the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks.  Amongst the seven arrested were several naturalized Irish citizens, many of whom had been living legally in Ireland for up to 10 years.  Although charges against some of those involved in the plot were later dropped, the Vilks plot as it became known sent shockwaves throughout Irish society.  For the first time, what had been an accepted reality within security circles finally became public knowledge.  For many the realization that extremist elements were living and moving freely through Irish society quite literally came as a shock.  The Waterford arrests were viewed by many within the Islamic community as a watershed moment; what had previously been rumor and suspicion had now become a reality.

More on point, though, Wells Fargo is going to have even more difficulties distancing themselves from their initial statements that they had no idea that AGS was the only provider for their background checks pertaining to the Mortgage Field Services Industry,

Hello Paul,

Yes, Aspen Grove is working with NAMFS to create an industry solution to the growing challenge of background checks.  The formal announcement will be made at NAMFS’ September Conference in Chicago.  Pricing details are planned to be announced then.  Wells Fargo will be one of the first lenders benefiting from this solution.  As you may already know, Jim Taylor from Wells Fargo, representatives from First Advantage, and Aspen Grove Inc. all participated in a NAMFS Leadership Conference in Dallas on July 31st.  You may wish to consider attending the NAMFS Chicago Conference to learn more.

Kind Regards,

Chandra Dickson

Training & Sales Administrator

Aspen Grove Solutions

Now, this directly contradicts that which Wells Fargo stated to me by and through their Senior Counsel. And I promise that person and anyone else whom is unwise enough to believe that because I live in a County with one stoplight I am some illiterate hillbilly — research the word and you will understand the Irish irony. I will come for their Bar Licenses. Can you hear me now, Counselor?

Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) led the charge of forcing a monopolization of the Industry Sector. Insidious and far reaching, MCS knew that its Market Share of Wells Fargo Portfolio Servicing Rights would allow for such. InCheers fact, Memo 1118 aside, MCS C Level personnel had issued out the marching orders to their minions to shove Aspen Grove Solutions down Labor’s throats and to hell with the consequences. Part of this was due to the fact that Caroline Reaves, the megalomaniac feminist whom completely botched the purchasing of Asset Management Specialists (AMS) from Ernie Stefkovic — I say this because she wanted to run both pre and post conveyance under the same roof. After she was bought herself earlier by a joint Concentric – TDR Capital venture and after the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), in essence, told her to go fuck herself with respect to holding onto the AMS HUD Contracts, Reaves had to pull her ovaries up by their bootstraps and win one for the Team. Problem was that Reaves’ winning one meant that Labor had to take one — and take it up the ass. No two ways about that and Reaves, in typical fashion, forced the issue like a rapist upon an elderly victim.

It is worth reading through the article I wrote above on the Concentric – TDR Capital purchase. There are three stories in one, actually. And more on point, the entire shell game was one which was nearly a photographic copy of that which Sean C Ryan had done with respect to creating companies. TDR Capital created a shell called MCS AMS Subholdings LLC. They ponied it and the separate Asset Management Specialists portfolio to spin up the capital. Standard & Poors along with Moody’s both said it was a bag of shit,

S&P: Our recovery analysis contemplates a simulated default occurring in 2016 due to a steep decline in revenue and operating earnings, the result of a decline in foreclosure activity and customer attrition.

 In late 2014, MCS rolled out their carpet bombing campaign,

Effective Monday 11/24, MCS will be enforcing a mobile check in for certain work orders when you are onsite before they are completed. You will need to have your Aspen ABC# in order to check into the property. — From A Cut Above Services in 2014.

The disinformation and ground war came early on and swift. Flanking MCS, Lender Processing Solutions issued this demand out to Members of Labor. LPS on 24 FEB 14 and in typical Industry bravado, did not even try to camouflage whom was behind the Sherman Act monopoly of background checks — NAMFS. More on point, though, LPS utilized fear mongering techniques last seen applied by Dr Joseph Goebbels, whom was the Reich Propaganda Minister under the Nazi Regime, disingenuously implied that REGULATIONS PERTAINING TO BACKGROUND CHECKS EXISTED! Obey the Reich Law; present your papers; obtain your Aspen Grove ID Number and get the fuck to work! This is critically important as we go on and begin to both connect the NAMFS Party Line in terms of conspiracy and to prove that almost all Wells Fargo Prime Vendors freely, willingly and with overt intention participated in a conspiracy to commit fraud and violate civil rights.

The field services industry has been exposed to increasing regulation and in response a new solution is available to ensure compliance. All individuals completing field services work must be registered and have a background check meeting the established compliance standards. The industry has partnered with Aspen Grove Solutions to institute an industry-standard background check portal allowing for proof of compliance at point of service. This solution was introduced to the industry through the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) in September 2013.

All ServiceLink Field Services suppliers will be required to be registered through Aspen iRecord by Monday March 17th, 2014. After becoming registered, any individual including: employees, sub-contractors, and principals of the company performing field services work on behalf of ServiceLink will have to obtain a background check via the Aspen iRecord portal prior to performing work on any property.

Use the unique ABC# assigned to each individual to provide ServiceLink with confirmation all individuals at the property have successfully met all background check standards required by Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo will only accept level BCL01. BCL02 is acceptable but only with a minimum of one (1) individual on-site being BCL01. — Emphasis added by LPS.

The actions required by Wells Fargo are in addition to the ServiceLink vendor governance processes.

Tomorrow, we begin to dissect both MCS and LPS. We begin to connect the dots in the largest and most rapid scheme to ever have hit the Mortgage Field Services Industry. In fact, from proposal to implementation took only 4 months. And now, AGS has cranked up the new requirement after requirement like biometrics as if foreclosed properties were CIA safehouses.

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