Mortgage Contracting Services Pays Over A Million To Settle Employee Misclassification

MCS Pays Over One Million Dollars To Settle Yet More Employee Misclassification Claims

It seems to be a weekly event hearing about National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) members paying to settle Employee Misclassification litigation. Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) had recently settled millions of dollars in litigation with respect to the Vinson v MCS matter. Foreclosurepedia covered the battle in which the response of NAMFS was to bring Judge Ruth Kraft out of retirement to recommend NAMFS members “Fly Under The Radar.” In the latest case, Weinstein v MCS, MCS decided to pay over one million dollars to settle a case brought, this time, by an inspector. Two things stood out in the case. First, there was a class action determination made. And second, MCS was ordered to pay the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency nearly twenty thousand dollars. It is the latter which is most important.

The same lawyer whom successfully litigated the Weinstein matter is currently litigating the ServiceLink and Altisource cases now pending in federal court.


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