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MCS Follows Nazi Germany’s Lead In Demanding Tracking

Reminiscent of Nazi Germany, Carolyn Reeves has begun implementation of Adolf Hitler’s tried and true strategy of complete documentation and penalizing those whom have no papers. More recently, though, the tactic is used to corral sex offenders and others whom the judicial system simply does not have the ability to house and are standing by like sheeple waiting on the prison industrial complex. Reeves is in a world of shit after what appeared to me to be bull dyke type behavior in the ousting of Ernie Stefkovic, signatory to the vital US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) deals cost the AMS – MCS -VPS – CoreLogic incest crew — no other PC term as this is a complete anti trust debacle — their HUD Contracts along with their Fannie Mae accounts. So, rather than clean up her act, it appears to me that she donned knee pads and assumed the position for Wells Fargo. And wonders never cease to amaze me, the man whom word on the bricks can’t get it up — in more ways than one — Lee Mertins, is wheeling and dealing on every labor account out there and WITH THE OBVIOUS BLESSING of Craig Karnes, HUDs Chief Fraudster — I think he has some official title, but his HUD M&M 3.8 Awards were so fucked up that I figure he has Fraudster of the Year on his cubicle wall which might go nice with his soon to be prison buddy’s Chief Reamer Award! Wonder if his ABC# lists the P260 fiasco? No, neither is Melissa Shankin’s cocaine record up at Five Brothels! More on that and the US Bank disaster later — that is one HELL OF A STORY!


So, even if of no fault of your own you do not have a Control Number — gotta love that for the definition of an Independent Contractor — you are going to get fucked out of work. Nothing new under the sun with these financial terrorists. I kinda understand it, though. When Hitler took power he realized that people, by in large are ignorant motherfuckers. He also realized that most people are cowards. In the case of the Mortgage Field Services Industry, there is no exception. Now, if there really were Contractors as opposed to terrified Craigslist Crackheads whom would sell their own mother down the river for a Three Dollar Inspection that Eric Miller and Adriana Farelo-Fernandez Support, things might be different.

You know, what’s next? Facial Recognition? I predicted that, you know. I also predicted that the Palmers, whom hock their bullshit Pruvan Mobile App, would begin documenting the time on site. Safeguard Properties (SGP), I presume, will capitalize on their religiously driven penchant for stretching copper out of a penny as the metrics throughout the Industry begin to roll in. Is that a stereotype? Fuck no, simply look at their SQAT Team! SGP runs a Cult of Financial Fuckery! Red headed Amir Jaffa is the High Holy Temple Priest seated in Valley View. Nothing different in their tactics than those of Israel in the Gaza. While I am not pro Palestine, I simply despise thugs and Valley View is synonymous with Israel in my world view. Fuck them both!

The true lunacy of all this is that people are being assigned numbers which determine whether they live or die financially. For the Jews this should remind them of the Holocaust, because if it doesn’t then they are fucking hypocrites. For the Christians, this is tantamount to the Mark of the Beast when it becomes coupled with your image — and it will because anyone can enter a number. More on point, though, there is no double blind on the information. I guarantee you that Aspen Grove Solutions can be hacked, but why hack it when you just share it as there IS NO FUCKING ONE to audit them! No, I take a stand and say to hell with these fucking Irish whom come over here to plunder American’s financial information, social security numbers, and our entire life histories! Imagine terrorists with this type of information! If JPMorgan just had 76 MILLION personal accounts and 7 MILLION business accounts hacked, do you think these fucking Micks stand a chance?! Just out of curiosity can anyone tell me what the procedure is to alert people in the event that their information is spewed out across the internet like GTJ Consulting LLC just did — and a quick note to the bitch whom told a Contractor it was lies: if I hear that again, I will mass dump everyone’s shit including the Anything Guys whom begged me to redact their shit! By the way hag, you still hadn’t fixed their servers by last night and I had to write your incompetent asses again!



The reality is that the ABC# is an employee number. Make no mistake about that whatsoever. With everyone goose stepping to Wells Fargo’s Nazi Drum Beat, I’ll be the first to piss on their emails when they beg for help after hackers sell their info — I figure that GTJ’s shit is going for about fifty cents a pop on the Russian #IRCs by now. The above was sent out by ACAS; Dominic and Felix, and to be very candid I have lost all respect for them. ACAS is now on the Official Foreclosurepedia Shitlist. The reality is that there comes a time when Order Mills need to finally say enough is enough. These two brothers are sterling examples of maggots living high on the hog while not just shoveling shit downhill, but dumping it by the ton. Fuck ACAS and fuck anyone whom works for them!

Tomorrow, I am going to begin to lay out a daily spot on each one of the Order Mills whom were chicken shit, yellow bellied cowards and bowed down to Wells Fargo. I mean this is worse than sodomy. Look, I have respect for a homosexual because s/he is open about what they do and personally it doesn’t offend me what two consenting adults do behind closed doors or in public provided they respect the decency of children. These Order Mills, though, are the type of thugs whom scurry in the alleyways at night and prey on innocent victims — they rape them. Whether or not Dominic and Felix are queer, I do not know. What I do know is that they are spineless cowards for not standing up for Labor whom has served them for so long. Instead of being men, they cowered and succommed to the pressure of fucking Labor yet again.

Many do not like my opinions that I write and quite frankly I don’t care. I do not write for them or anyone else; I write for myself. The reality is that the Hacks have done this to themselves. The Voice in the Wilderness called out to you heathens over a year ago and predicted, step-by-step, where this was going. And the NPPG Hacks whom believed they would carve out their little piece of Order Mill fiefdom over on the Drive By Social Media? Yeah, how do you like #TheOracle now?!

In carrying on with Foreclosurepedia’s groundbreaking tradition, we are in tentative talks with a former radio and news media professional to bring the voice of the homeowner’s plight to light. I have always said that when Amir Jaffa sicks his hack thugs out on the shakedowns — sorry, had the Hlista Case on the mind so I guess that is Occupancy Inspections — the reality is that the corruption begins at the minute the banksters begin to stick their greedy paws in the money. Make no mistake whatsoever, that when this person begins to hammer away, it will be in the tradition of that which the Foreclosurepedia Nation has come to expect. In fact, Foreclosurepedia has every intention of taking the Movement to a new level. When we are done, the grassroots picketing is going to cripple these financial terrorists — ironic in that the Justice Department couldn’t nail a single bankster and yet they will have to protect and defend the rights of MILLIONS OF PEOPLE marching on offices Nationwide! Shit, it will make Occupy Wall Street look like a picnic!  😉

The time has come, for those whom are still Contractors, to begin at the bottom floor with the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST). Tomorrow, on the IAFST Website around 1500 EDT, we will open a registration for Saturday evening’s Conference Call. If you are an Order Mill, fuck off. If you are spineless, stick with the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime sycophants. If you are sick and tired of getting raped; if you are sick and tired of being treated like an employee and being told what your bids are; if you are a man and still possess your balls or a woman and do not believe you must wear make up for Work Order photos, register and attend.

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