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Citigroup Bankers Catch Suicide Fever

42 year old Shawn D Miller, Managing Director of Environmental and Social Risk Management at Citigroup, was found dead by a doorman working at Miller’s building located at 120 Greenwich Street in an upscale section of Manhattan. Initially ruled suspicious — you think?! — it has now been relegated to the Suicide Bin by law enforcement. With his throat slit ear-to-ear in smiley fashion, Miller is relegated to the Wall Street Banker’s Wall of Silent Slayings which Foreclosurepedia has been reporting upon for the past year now. Miller’s death, though, is a bit more grizzly than some of the rest of the unfortunate names on the Wall, to date.

Cops initially suspected foul play, saying earlier that no weapon was found in the apartment and that Miller, 42, was caught on surveillance video arguing with a male companion in the building’s elevator.

When crime scene investigators moved Miller’s body, they discovered a knife under him, leading them to believe he slashed his own throat and collapsed into the tub on top of the weapon, sources said.

Detectives now suspect Miller killed himself after going on a booze- and drug-fueled bender since at least Monday with a stranger he hooked up with through the classified advertising website, the sources said.

There were several calls from Miller’s apartment to E911 since Monday presumably from Miller complaining about someone outside his building stalking him.  Miller’s body was discovered at 1511 EDT Tuesday by the doorman after repeated pleas by Miller’s boyfriend to check on Miller’s welfare.

It has become abundantly clear that if you are involved in high profile financial firms whom egregiously trespassed during the Sub Prime Crisis, you are going to go to a shallow grave. More on point, though, your death is going to be ruled a suicide which albeit dispatches away any official investigations, it additionally guarantees that there will be no requirements to pay up on your life insurance — saves the quasi financial – insurance giants a few more bucks, but does dig into their own private policies on all of their personnel unless they have riders attached.

The timelines are all fucked up which is indicative of either the fact that those nefarious parties know full well that the fix is in or that this is amateur hour. We are led to believe from an anonymous source that a person exited the building late Sunday or early Monday whom was seen accompanying Miller into the building and arguing with him in the elevator. Miller called down Monday to the lobby to request this person not be readmitted to the building, as the source says according to the NY Post.

19NOV14 0630 EDT: NY Post Breaks Story reporting a knife was found. 19NOV14 1511 EDT: Reuters reports that no weapon was found. 19NOV14 1605 EDT: NY Post reports about manhunt for suspect last seen with Miller. 19NOV14 2122 EDT: NY Post rolls out the new booze and drug explanation from anonymous source.

Look, I am a practitioner of the Black Arts and understand precisely how disinformation works. Now, I want to go over this, step-by-step. So, I am a high rolling Wall Street Banker on a Monday night and for whatever reason, I decide to get underway on a multiday alcohol and drug induced frenzy allegedly with a male escort. As Miller was allegedly doing some meth one would have anticipated some type of self or mutual gratification, but instead of becoming sexually aroused, Miller does quite the opposite. Miller decides to step into his bathtub, take a knife and cut a smiley ear-to-ear, and conveniently collapse so that the knife is completely underneath his body in such a manner so that only crime scene investigators are able to view it. No, it all reeks of a far too pat Operation. Not a Financial Institution Operation, either. These folks don’t mind murder, but the idea of having a doped up, homosexual banker in their midst isn’t the storyboard that wealthy, uptight, conservative white men want associated with their Institutions.

Miller was a busy little bee with respect to and the target of international causes. Friends of the Earth list him by email as representing hundreds of millions of dollars contributed towards palm oil production. They appear to be unsupportive of this for whatever tree hugging reason. Below is Miller’s profile from Friends of the Earth (FOE) and the Form Letter it generates beginning with the SUBJ: Line,


Has at least $212 million in outstanding loans to at least two palms oil companies

[SUBJ:] Do not use my money to fund destructive palm oil companies

Dear Sir / Madam,

I have recently learned that [X fund] has significant holdings in palm oil companies that are responsible for serious deforestation and human rights abuse in the tropics. As a client, I do not want my money financing tropical deforestation.

Miller was also involved in the Chinese Financial Sector IN RE: Sustainability of Chinese Banks. Want to take a guess whom the publication back tracks to? Friends of the Earth. Page 7 picks up Miller. You will want to do a bit of research here and track FOE and all of their unorthodox interconnections. have an interest in Miller along with a shitload more Citigroup folks. The identical Action ID of india_mine is used by Climate Ark and Mines and Communities. Needless to say, all these folks have an ax to grind over perceived issues ongoing and involving an intricate web involving Miller.


Miller had a great profile piece and far more flattering picture of himself in the ING 2011 Global Sustainability Report. It appears on Slide 33. We reached out to ING Media Representative Elaine Clark whom had to contact Amsterdam to comment and allow use of the photo. So, that should convey that I find the optics quite interesting. Strangely, Slide 31 is Lorem Ipsum.

There was a ton of other stuff I filed over in the ISTAR Clear Base that I am not comfortable releasing. The point of the matter is that Miller has joined a healthy handful of other Wall Street Bankers and that each and every murder is becoming more and more violent. The subjective behavioral profile and victimology have taken shape and point with subtle clarity to the characteristics of a potential UNSUB. The reality, though, is that this type of operation would require a higher degree of sophistication coupled with far more capital than the typical disgruntled homeowner. I am hesitant, though, to ascribe this death to the pool of deaths I reported upon earlier. The profile is markedly similar; however, the associations are far more different with respect to other nuances I observed when tracking down Miller’s cyber footprint.

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