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Dead Lawyers: The Mortgage Killing Spree Continues

It would appear that the poachers are being poached. Many remember Foreclosurepedia breaking the lid off of a rash of banksters killing themselves — I’m sorry committed suicide like by nail gun and shit — beginning earlier this year and somewhat tapering off by Summer. Well, it would appear that the Kool Aid is being passed around again and the lawyers whom have protected the Banksters are now a liability as well. Zero Hedge released a story about 48 hours ago breaking the latest in an ongoing message that while Eric Miller may pretend to be concerned about Contractors and their potential for violence, it is nothing when compared to the Industry which finances his salary,

Theirry Leyne, French – Israeli financial mogul and associate of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the flamboyant, former head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), decided to take a swan dive off the 23 story of the Yoo, an upscale Israeli building a couple days ago.

Leyne, left; and Stauss-Kahn, right from the LSK Website
Leyne, left; and Stauss-Kahn, right from the LSK Website

The moral detours necessary to ensure that this sordid chapter in the Mortgage Servicing Sector — and eventually the Mortgage Field Services Industry — are never palatable and rarely understood. With Deutsche Bank AG rapidly becoming the JPMorgan of Europe, they are beginning to eat their own to ensure that the pall bearers are kept busy; they are clearing out what we call the internal deadwood. While I empathize with the families, no one held a gun to the heads of these banksters and lawyers to force them to become involved in that which they did. My personal opinion is that we are saving the tax payers a hell of a lot of money as the Banks themselves are untouchable — the Public are receiving their Pound of Flesh as required by Human Nature.

Calogero Gambino, 41, the senior regulatory lawyer for Deutsche Bank AG, was found hanging from a stairwell in New York on 20 October 2014. Gambino had been intimately involved in the Libor Scandal investigations and a plethora of other how shall we say delicate matters. Many will remember Foreclosurepedia reporting that former Deutsche Bank manager William Broeksmit, who had close ties to co-chief executive Anshu Jain, had drank the Suicide Kool Aid along with a boat load of other unfortunate banksters including one whom committed suicide with a nail gun — multiple shots to the head and chest.

Fraud is a nasty business; it never profits those whom are on the lower rungs and ultimately creates untimely departures at the higher levels. I predicted an upswing in the deaths before the end of the year and here we are. I am now going to make a far more ominous prediction which many will condemn,

In the same way that the inevitable progression of tying up loose ends is proceeding within the financial sector, so it will quietly begin within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. There is far too much at stake for the financial institutions for them not to address the problems which NAMFS Regime Offender Members refuse to address themselves — far too many people walking around with way too much information in their heads. In a chapter out of the Roberto Calvi History Book — Google him if you do not know about G-d’s Banker and why Pope John Paul I was whacked — I predict a measurable uptick in suicides within the NAMFS Regime Offender Members in 2015. Oh, natural causes; brake lines; auto hit and runs — all the usual suspects — will be named as well and in addition to the simple suicides. I will take to my grave that John Ward was a casualty and folks would do well to closely examine his medical history.

Haaretz, over in Israel, had a pretty good article on Leyne Saturday. While not tipping the hand, make no mistake whatsoever Mossad doesn’t allow wet work on their turf without knowing the reasons. Some of the editorials in the South China Morning Post have intimated problems for quite some time as well. People would do well to expand their reading horizons beyond HousingWire albeit I applaud their coverage of Zero Hedge. Probably pissed off Paul Jackson in that he and several of the niche bloggers do not get along — do a bit of research and you will find what I mean. At the end of the day, the Canary in the Coal Mine has proved accurate and if I were in the Mortgage Field Services Industry, I would want to get my story out sooner as there may not be a later as we are seeing with the banksters.

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