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Massive Flooding, Internet Down and Safeguard Properties

This is a really brief Fast Blast as I am streaming my laptop via my smartphone to get this Post out. Much of our area is without land line internet which is iffy at best during good days. 😉

We are getting in multiple reports and have confirmed with Sources that Safeguard Properties (SGP) is staring down a veritable tsunami of reconveyance properties from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) by and through other Order Mill Clients. While this seems both ilarge mpossible and insane taking into consideration the simple fact that it is illegal to perform both pre and post conveyance on the same property, the incestuous relationships within this Property Preservation Industry (at least that is the only polite term I am able to seem to find) are both common and the regard for pesky HUD laws are rarely if ever enforced by Craig Karnes, HUD Director of M&M down in Atlanta. While I cannot confirm that Karnes is on the payroll of any National, Regional or Otherwise Unspecified Order Mill, his refusal to address the obvious Constitutional Violations present in A2Z Field Service‘s (A2ZFS) along with a litany of other issues on a list as long as US 50 are questionable at best.

Over the next couple of weeks you are going to see a huge uptick in Roof Repair charge backs. SGP along with the rest of the Order Mills out there have always attempted to get by with some tar and maybe a bit of roll roofing. Now, whether they billed for a new roof or not I am only able to guess — you as well. HUD amongst others, though, are not finding any humor in the cutting of corners and are reconveying the properties back to the banks.

Monday, I will have a LARGE Article out about this including some Internal Safeguard Memos on the matter. Who is going to pay? Hey, you gotta love this cluster fuck — YOU! That’s right. Coming on the heels of Safeguard Properties latest price reduction in Debris Removal Pricing to $10 and some change per Cubic Yard, SGP is going to get into full swing in anticipation of the last hurrah!

So, for all the Safeguard Properties Cheerleaders out there whom think SGP is great and it is horrible to show the reckless disregard in circulating cartoons degrading women, enjoy the latest shaft. I am really going to LOVE how this one is spun. Going to be hard to raise those pom poms and cheer on the Contractors now being screwed for doing PRECISELY that which they were ordered to do.

I just don’t get it. Simple math will eventually prevail and there will eventually be no Contractors left. Hell, I’ve moved three Contractors into Federal Contracts in the past week alone! Ah, I forgot. Let’s not forget the 1 Percenters whom are the Cheerleaders! Make no mistake on this: If Contractors continue listening to them they are going to be reading my Posts from the Public Library or eventually on their wife or husband’s phone in the visiting room on a complimentary stay!

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