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Mainstream Hiatus: Working On Other Projects

Foreclosurepedia is actually a smaller portion of the Foreclosurepedia Media Institute (FMI). FMI publishes 17 different platforms including entities which happen to cover the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Recently, several issues including the Net Neutrality Hearings came full circle for me. We are in provocative times; that which our parents took for granted are now becoming more and more like privileges. Many issues pertaining to both sustainability and farming — I am actually a farmer for those of you whom do not know — are front and center these days as is the ability to properly prepare a solid future for my son without governmental interference.

Over the next week or so I will be concentrating my efforts upon several sustainability projects within the Prepping Community. I will stream some of it over here for those Contractors whom are interested in such.

As such, Foreclosurepedia will begin to shift gears into coverage of the Industry from a weekly position with emphasis more on the systemic issues as opposed to the daily rants about the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime screwing yet another family. The reality is that as Contractors have no interest in collectively protecting each other the dye is cast anyway. For those whom are accustomed to reaching out directly for assistance I will still be available. My Consulting will, as well, still be available — strangely, my SAM and DUNS Consulting has gone off the charts over the past month. So, to mitigate any rumors now folks know … The Rest of the Story.  😉

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