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CMI: Why The First Company Might Not Be The Best

Aaron Aviero has a piece running over on his website about Wendy Harker over at Credit Mediators Inc. (CMI). I spoke with Wendy early on and her less than cordial associate over the past several weeks with respect to turning over Intelligence Files on both debt and Clients I have amassed over the past several years. Whether their reason was greed motivated or otherwise, they decided to sever communications with me abruptly. So, the first thing that jumps out is the question as to whether or not they have partnered with the Mortgage Field Services Industry to potentially Deep Six Contractors. I mean if you think about it, people like CMI make their money on the backs of those owed money — starting to sound like the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime yet? So, NAMFS Regime Members hack the 40 – 60 percent off the pay and then folks like this come in and a Contractor is down to what, 10 percent?

CMI may very well have noble intentions. I don’t know and CMI did not seem very receptive to much dialogue once they discovered that their pool of potential revenue contributors — NAMFS Regime Members whom owe money — were getting kicked in the proverbial nuts by me.

Maybe CMI turns out to be a positive force; maybe NAMFS Regime Members turn a new leaf. Anytime people come forward posturing about helping Contractors without transparency I get real nervous. CMI has had multiple complaints filed against them recorded by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Their lawyer seems to make most of the replies and we anticipate a shake down by the lawyer as well and are fully prepared for the potential. As recent as 21MAR14, Small Businesses were making Public Complaints,

CMI staff is unprofessional and unethical. They bully and threaten with a promise of “a black mark on your credit” if you don’t “pay up”. How is it legal for this company to report information to credit agencies when the information is untrue? Citisearch is using this company to extort funds from small businesses around the country. Both of these companies should be investigated for fraud and illegal practices!!!

With that said, I began to run a Dark Web search on CMI and will present those findings over the next several weeks. In the meantime, if any Contractors have interactions with CMI, Foreclosurepedia would be very interested in hearing from you.

Always makes sense to figure out whom you disrespect before doing it.  ;)
Always makes sense to figure out whom you disrespect before doing it. 😉

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