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Chris Dorpat: Why LPS May Be Tainted By Fraud

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime appears to be hell bent on ensuring that legitimate homeowners loose their homes. No other theory I am able to conjure up with respect to the latest Lender Processing Services scandal. Coming on the heels of a February, 2014, Six Million Dollar Settlement with the State of Nevada for Deceptive Trade Practices, it would appear that Lender Processing Services wants to make sure that Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Mastro files yet more litigation.

Chris Dorpat, 24 Hour Corp, was recently awarded Contracts by Lender Processing Services which were being serviced by Todd LaSalle of TLC Inspection Services LLC in the State of Nevada. Even though LaSalle had a legally binding Agreement with LPS which was submitted under a RFP and had been serviced for years with a Platinum Score, Lender Processing Services decided to arbitrarily and capriciously disenfranchise LaSalle and enrich Dorpat.

TLC Inspection Services LLC Scorecard
TLC Inspection Services LLC Scorecard

Lender Processing Services was fully aware that Dorpat had no business license to operate in Nevada. Lender Processing Services was additionally aware that Chris Dorpat had his Minnesota Real Estate Appraisal License suspended for fraud. Finally, Lender Processing Services was aware that Chris Dorpat had a pattern and practice of refusing to pay debts — One Hundred Thousand Dollar Debts — as Lender Processing Services was served with a Writ of Garnishment against Chris Dorpat to pay a fellow Contractor.

Do you think that a little bit of fraud and refusal to pay Contractors would bother this NAMFS Regime Member? No, nothing knew with these embolden criminals. As Eric Miller, the Commandant of the NAMFS Regime ensures that no Ethics Complaints will ever see the light of day, Lender Processing Services presumed it would be business as usual while crossing state lines using electronic means.

LaSalle thought differently. Matter of fact, Todd LaSalle believed that the US Constitution was the law of the land. Fraud, deceit and corruption have no place in his world and he accordingly filed a Complaint with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office. Why more Contractors do not do this, I have no idea. Unless and until Contractors begin to document the pattern and practice of the corrupt actions of people like Chris Dorpat, no change will ever occur. Conducting business without a business license qualifies for corruption, in my opinion, as it gives Chris Dorpat an unfair economic advantage over his competition with respect to the bidding process — it also frees up cash for kickbacks if Dorpat so chooses. Obviously, Lender Processing Services has not changed anything but the name in their recent buyout. Either they are aware of what is going on or they are not performing Due Diligence; either way they are in a world of shit in Nevada and California.

From: Heather Minore

Sent: Thursday, May 15, 2014 8:05 AM

To: Todd LaSalle ; SOS – Business License Compliance

Subject: RE: Complaint against company doing business in Nevada without a license

Todd-  Thank you for bringing this entity to the attention of the Secretary of State’s Office.  I will begin to research this entity today.  Should you have any additional information or if you would like and update on my case, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at 775-684-xxxx or via email at  Have a great day.  –

HR Heather Minore Compliance Investigator II  Nevada Secretary of State

More on point, the three dollar inspections which Dorpat is undoubtedly rolling out are precisely why homeowners are being robbed blind in the United States, today. There is no way in hell a legitimate occupancy inspection — OR ANY INSPECTION — can take place at that price. The fuel, the time, the paperwork are all indicative of that which Lender Processing Services was recently called on the carpet for. Is Lender Processing Services new position that as the State of Nevada got a Settlement off — a three cents on the dollar Settlement — Lender Processing Services is going to crank up the heat and screw as many homeowners as possible for retribution? I believe so. Why else get rid of a Company with a Sterling Track Record whom possessed a Legally Binding Contract and give it to a Firm whom operates in the Midwest and has a track record of fraud?! Nothing new with the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime; nothing surprises me anymore about these people.

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