LPS: First Fidelity Now Black Knight Financial Services LLC

Lender Processing Services (LPS) is now known as Black Knight Financial Services LLC. This new merger is of gargantuan proportions. American Banker summed it up pretty well,

The new Black Knight Financial Services unit will sell a wide swath of products including three loan origination systems (Empower, PCLender and Lending Space); the RealEC portal; the MSP mortgage servicing platform; LPS Desktop and Fusion, servicing workflow platforms; and property and loan performance databases. It will also provide title, closing and escrow services; flood certifications; appraisals; and default services.

We have updated the ISTAR Wiki and will begin to stream out information on the Foreclosurepedia FireWire as warranted.

The New Fidelity - LPS - Black Knight Consortium

The New Fidelity – LPS – Black Knight Consortium


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