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Litigation Is The Norm For CLD Property Preservation

Larry and Cindy Keelser had a problem. Their company was collapsing and they needed to get the word out that it was everyone else’s fault but their own. When Order Mills are allowed to onboard thousands of work orders, by Prime Vendors, and never go through a financial solubility stress test, it is dangerous. It is not only dangerous for Labor, it is dangerous for the US Taxpayer whom ultimately foots the bill. Take CLD Property Preservation, based out of Cookville, Tennessee, for example. CLD is owned and operated by Larry Keesler. CLD, like many Order Mills, has been pumping out work on behalf of Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS). I received a call from a Tennessee contractor on the 4th of July and decided that it was time to clear the air on CLD and the lives they have destroyed.

Several years ago, Foreclosurepedia was hired to create a DUNS number and SAM Account for CLD. When those were prepared, we additionally submitted a bid, on their behalf, to the US Department of Agriculture – US Forestry Service. While I will not go into the details of why CLD’s bid failed, I will say that most are rejected based upon inexperience and greed.

I have worked with many firms, over the years, and have generally kept most of them off the record even when my Retainers have expired. Generally speaking, most firms and I did not always agree; however, I have never had a firm make the outlandish and absurd claims which Larry Keesler has been making over the past several months. Here, let me lay it out for you,

Keesler claims that Foreclosurepedia has had a court ordered gag issued upon us. Keesler further claims that I had access to his PPW and stole all of his connections. The former is the epitome of bullshit and the latter is insane as I have never been in his office nor do I perform contracts in the Industry.

So, to clear the air and document precisely what kind of piece of shit Larry Keesler is, in my opinion, I have decided to make public Keesler’s proverbial sins which I have kept under wraps for several years. CLD makes wild claims, completely unsubstantiated, when it comes to the ability of delivery upon contracts. Take the Virginia Intermont College project in Bristol, Virginia, for example. When CLD requested that we begin to prepare enormous bids for tree removal and contractual arrangements for millions of dollars of rehab and restoration, our first question was whom the owner of the property was. To this day, CLD has never been able to answer that question. In fact, CLD requested that several contractors fly in from Texas whom had experience in multi-million dollar projects, Keesler’s inability to liaise they with the alleged owner proved, once again, Keesler was far out of his depth. The only person Keesler was capable of having on the site was a caretaker. Other than wasting everyone’s time and money, Keesler was incapable of answering any major question which they had. In essence, the Virginia Intermont College appeared to myself and others to be either a figment of imagination or the beginnings of an enormous pool of fraud. And when Keesler was incapable of obtaining sets of the blueprints associated with the project, Foreclosurepedia was forced to introduce CLD to the City of Bristol whom questioned CLD’s ability to even perform the project.

During the course of work with CLD, Ryan Tagami was hired by CLD as Carrington Mortgage Solutions began to wrap up shop. In fact, Keesler and Tagami met with Foreclosurepedia at the Virginia Intermont College project. While Tagami presented as an experienced and professional vendor manager and extremely adept at project management, it was night and day when Tagami’s boss, Keesler, were side-by-side.

Keesler lured Asian American Tagami from California with promises of employment, housing, and an office. What Tagami received was litigation for his time and effort in attempting to bring sanity within the office in which Larry’s wife, Cindy had all but ran into the ground. Time and again — and multiple contractors will attest to the same — any fault was always that of Labor’s. In fact, on the 4th of July, a contractor called and informed me that not only had CLD refused to pay him for thousands in grass cuts, Keesler himself was attempting to file an insurance claim for — wait you will love this — REFUSING TO CONTINUE TO WORK FOR FREE! I shit you not! Even the insurance company stated that this bordered on a fraudulent filing according to the contractor.

Larry and Cindy Keesler’s free, willing, and with overt intention decision to pick a running gun battle with Foreclosurepedia is both unwise and quite honestly disconcerting. CLD’s belief that litigation is only a one way street had best take a litmus test of precisely what Foreclosurepedia does. While libel and slander are two courses of action Foreclosurepedia is willing to pursue, we have elected to target the Court of Public Opinion. For years, Foreclosurepedia has stood up for the rights of Minority Females and Labor against firms like CLD Property Preservation. And for years, the Mortgage Field Services Industry has understood that anyone whom picks pitched battles with us is never good for their bottom line. Love Foreclosurepedia or hate us, the reality is that we are surgical and precise in defending our Brand. In the instant case, CLD Property Preservation has attempted to sully our good name and reputation and we have NEVER backed down. Ironically, the Keesler’s unwarranted and vociferous spreading of lies and contemptuous lack of civility demonstrate precisely why Foreclosurepedia exists.

Larry, just wanted to let you know that in the same way you decided to get vocal about your schizophrenic opinions, so to Foreclosurepedia is ramping up. Best take a close look at all of those emails homie. I am the rays of sunlight coming to bring the cleansing effects of transparency upon that rock you live under. I have cleared my desk specifically for you. And no amount of apology nor money will stop this pimp-strong slapping marathon!

For future reference Larry Keesler, I wanted to include a picture of my true beliefs of the space you occupy,


Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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