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Kim Fatica: A Journey Inside The Mortgage Field Services Industry

Kim Fatica, a veteran drive by media journalist with several decades under his belt, has an impressive curriculum vitae which includes Air Force One access amongst other items. His participation with organizations such as the Poynter Institute on the media side and selfless work within the Boy Scouts of America seem to point in the direction of a well rounded reporter and community member. Currently, Fatica runs his own media consulting business and is additionally a Member of the American Marketing Association (AMA). What Fatica’s curriculum vitae does not document is his entry into the netherworld of the Mortgage Field Services Industry and that is what we are going to discuss today.

Last year, Fatica’s former employer SEAS LLC had a problem. That problem was SEAS LLC didn’t find it necessary to make good on tens of thousands of dollars of debt owed to Contractors for services performed upon properties. Foreclosurepedia was finally called upon to bring the SEAS LLC to a head. The summary is that Brandon Pribble was a singular case wherein SEAS LLC was ordered by one of their Clients, Altisource, to pay. This singular case sent shock waves throughout the Industry and ushered in the first time in recorded history that a small Virginia Contractor was able to force a foreign national to pressure the reign in the terror which the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Members were issuing wholesale.

Fatica was brought in towards the conclusion of the Pribble Affair to attempt the salvaging of a Public Relations Nightmare which SEAS LLC was experiencing. While some positive dialogue occurred, the reality is that SEAS LLC Owner Mark Newkirk was recalcitrant to do anything other than business as usual. Newkirk, whose financial backing is predominately from his father, Thomas Newkirk, operates in a very shadowy and incestuous world under the banner of Newkirk Capital down in Tampa.

The reality is that nothing changed at SEAS LLC other than a pump and dump scheme calculated to reinforce relationships between SEAS LLC and Altisource. SEAS LLC’s HMIC (head motherfucker in charge) is Robert Kapeluch was loathe to change anything other than adding a few worsted suits to his inventory. It would appear that Kapeluch has been unfortunate in the fact that SEAS LLC is the only job he has ever held and a brief education stint at Holmesdale Technical College which underpins yet another example of the influence foreign nationals are exerting upon the foreclosure industry in the United States. Their policy of including the legal right to sue Contractors for FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS should they ever ask about their money owed of anyone other than SEAS LLC remained in all of their Contracts.

With less than a year at SEAS LLC, Fatica hit the road. It is interesting to note that towards the end of his SEAS LLC ordeal, Fatica began an active campaign to organize command and control over the education portals which provide services to Contractors within the Mortgage Field Services Industry by and through the end game of accreditation. More on point, though, we are hearing that Fatica’s new employer Keystone Property Services has additionally begun the consolidation of Terry Platt’s media empire which includes the Gulf Thunder Corporation under which sits CubicYard, QC University and a plethora of other subsidiaries. Gulf Thunder, in essence, markets both information and education to Contractors.

When Fatica was involved with SEAS LLC there were direct lines of communications between he and Members of the Media. Today, though, it would appear that his Title of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Keystone Property Services precludes even the common decency to return emails or phone calls. This is not surprising when we juxtapose the Clients which SEAS LLC and Keystone Property Services have under the hood. SEAS LLC predominately woos Altisource as a Top Tier Client and Keystone Property Services courts Safeguard Properties (SGP).

There are two predominate forces within Keystone Property Services: Derek Gordon and Joe Hummel. Gordon’s managerial style is seated in a military point-of-view which I am extremely comfortable with as a former Intelligence Specialist in the US Navy. Hummel’s style is more loosely associated with a social media flair which has no anchoring in the nuts and bolts of Public Relations. What is fair to say is that Keystone Property Services would seem to be making Gulf Thunder an end game acquisition. On this point, I am concerned.

Diversification is the hallmark of any successful business. Altisource is a prime example in that vis-a-vis Ocwen, there has been a movement to control the Supply Chain from beginning to end. I applaud Altisource for this; however, because Ocwen’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) William Erbey does not want to pay the kickbacks Benjamin Lawsky, New York Banking Czar demands, they are unfortunately bogged down. Keystone Property Services seems, though, to be engaging in a far different position with respect to diversification.

Kim Fatica is not wet behind the ears. Working for several decades within the bowels of the Drive By Media, Fatica is well versed on both the value of public perception and in essence the capital upon which spin holds. The difference between Fatica and myself is that Fatica is bound as a signatory to a plethora of Canons through which is Media Credentials are issued. What I mean is that I am an Advocacy Journalist whom writes in Gonzo Style so eloquently presented by the late Hunter S. Thompson. Thompson was a man I revered and met on several occasions leading up to the 1999 N30 WTO Seattle Protests. Fatica is bound by the classical Drive By Media Pundit circuit. Whereas, I have free reign to publish my opinions, Fatica’s moral imperative; Fatica’s continued ability to remain in organizations such as the American Marketing Association and Boy Scouts, require that he participate within a very clearly defined set of societal mores.

If Keystone Property Services goal is to centralize command and control over the dissemination of education and combine this with the covert influencing of any accreditation board, there will be war. Keystone Property Services is a Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime. Foreclosurepedia makes no bones about the fact that we will engage in a scorched earth policy and unearth every skeleton real or imaginary. The coordination, real or perceived, of a campaign to control accreditation will not not occur on my watch. The ability of a for profit Member of the NAMFS Regime, beholden to Safeguard Properties, to dictate which educational programs are legal and acceptable will result in a calculated, protracted and asymmetrical operation to neutralize the threat.

Fatica’s disappearance from the radar is most disconcerting. Foreclosurepedia knows for a fact that Fatica, Derek Gordon and Joe Hummel met, in cabal, with Safeguard Properties agents in Cleveland, OH, over the last week. We know for a fact that Fatica brings operational knowledge of the SEAS LLC infrastructure to Keystone Property Services. We know for a fact that Safeguard Properties would ultimately like to have a greater Sphere of Influence throughout the Southeast and more specifically Florida. Finally, we know that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime, of which both Fatica’s former and current employers are staunch supporters of, would relish the opportunity to be able to have control over the accreditation process. To be extremely clear, Foreclosurepedia considers this to be an issue which potentially should be addressed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). We have every intention, should Keystone Property Services and their new CMO Kim Fatica continue to shroud their intentions in secrecy, to pursue every available option to have both closely scrutinized.

In the same way that the NAMFS Regime shoveled the monopoly of Background Checks down Contractors throats in an anti trust fashion, so I believe that the end game is to have only two education models — The Perpetual 40 Percent Reduction NAMFS Regime Education Model and the QC University (or maybe we call it the Joe Hummel Production now?) Model.

Unless and until Kim Fatica comes clean about his unconventional ship jumping and his far too cozy relationship with QC University, Foreclosurepedia is unable and unwilling to recommend to Contractors that anyone consider him or Keystone Property Services to be viable partners. What is far worse than overtly defrauding Contractors in the way disgraced former National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Secretary Heather Berghorst did, is the covert methodologies which appear to be on the horizon by and through Keystone Property Services and their apparent attempt to acquire Gulf Thunder subsidiaries. We welcome Kim Fatica to return our requests for a Press Release; however, we doubt that it will be forthcoming.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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