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Keystone Property Services LLC: I Guess I Just Do Not Get It

Keystone Property Services LLC (hey guys, get your IP Address Resolved as it shows immaturity), a National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Member and Order Mill helped me tailor the title to this Article. To be more precise, Derek Gordon helped me to get the title. The genesis for this came from a Forum Post going on over in Terry Platt‘s CubicYard Group on LinkedIn. Wow, having to stroke the ego so badly that you name a LinkedIn Group after your Website?! Anyway, Gordon seems to have some bruised pride going on and is misdirecting it at Aaron Aviero,

If I wasn’t clear about my stance on it, here it is. I disagree with the label placed on us as an OM [Order Mill] because we have sub-contractors.

So, let me make this real clear to both Joe Hummel and Derek Gordon, Keystone Property Services LLC is an Order Mill. Let’s back up a minute, though. Foreclosurepedia created the term Order Mill. So, when people like Gordon go throwing around terms like the National Security Agency (NSA) let’s make sure we get the parties right — Foreclosurepedia is your Huckleberry.

An Order Mill is just like a Puppy Mill, Pill Mill or Baby Mill. They move an inordinate amount of product at the expense of others. Can you hear me now, Derek Gordon and Keystone Property Services LLC? Damn, there goes that Google SEO, huh?!

Now, just because Derek Gordon and Keystone Property Services LLC believe that their piss ass Contracts with people like Safeguard Properties are going to get carte blanche protection doesn’t mean that they are beyond scrutiny. And scrutiny is precisely what Keystone Property Services LLC is going to get. Gordon goes a bit further, though,

I’ll say it again, I would not label my company an order mill. This OM/BOTG competition is a joke.

Let me tell you what is a joke: You and Keystone Property Services LLC. You and I have spoken, Gordon. Unlike the rest of these people, I am NOT afraid of you. People like you, pedestrian and mundane, are a disservice to the Mortgage Field Services Industry. What, you think because your pal Joe Hummel is knee deep with his buddy Terry Platt and preaching the Gospel of the NAMFS Regime, you get a pass? What a hack; what an insolent hack. Speaking of hacks, did I tell you I gave Salisbury a call? Hell of a discussion. I even took the liberty of calling the North Carolina Secretary of State. They do not have a business license for Keystone Property Services LLC nor does the search on the North Carolina Secretary of State’s Website.

Where Is The North Carolina Business License NSA Boy?!
Where Is The North Carolina Business License NSA Boy?!

The Pennsylvania Secretary of State’s Office was a bit more revealing in that you have a business license there. Actually, it is a fictitious name; you were also formally known as AJs Property Service.

So, help me to understand that Big National Security Agency guy. Help all of us stupid folks whom are unfairly picking on you to understand why it is that you are allowed to operate a Limited Liability Corporation in North Carolina without a Business License?

Where Is The North Carolina Licenses There NSA Guy?!

It’s the same old story that all of the Order Mills have. They are unfairly targeted; they do all that they can; on and on and on. I have no doubt whatsoever that Gordon and Hummel will soon have a pile of Reports streaming into the ISTAR Database. I mean really, guys, don’t your knees start to hurt from all the grovelling; doesn’t the wallet begin to feel lighter after one of the NAMFS Regime Conferences like the last NAMFS Regime Love Fest in Texas where Robert Klein told all of you hacks precisely where to get the fuck off at?!

A CREATIVE FOUNDATION CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER, LLC does have a North Carolina Business License attached to your name. Scary. So, I guess I am at a loss to understand this Puzzle Palace hack and his point of view vis-a-vis Keystone Property Services LLC. Oh, that’s right. Neither the NAMFS Regime nor their Order Mills ARE EVER TO BE QUESTIONED

Gordon and Hummel are both the typical #Hack-O-Vision Public Relations Nightmares that are the wet dreams of Prosecutors presenting to Grand Juries. Railing left and right against people in Forums that you are offended by their First Amendment is novel coming from a military man whom has sworn to Uphold and Defend the Constitution of the United States Against Enemies Both Foreign And Domestic. The NSA side of you, though, explains why you feel comfortable attempting to silence folks. Pray tell, Gordon, you going to come after me with Title 18 Provisions like Kevin Simpson over at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development‘s (HUD) Office of the General Counsel?! Stand in line pal; it is long and distinguished and desk jockeys like yourself go to the end of the line.

Here is a novel concept Derek Gordon and Joe Hummel: Get real and get over it. I am pretty good with my Crystal Ball. I predict a downward trajectory for Keystone Property Services LLC. I also predict the continuing downward spiral for those whom commit fraud within the NAMFS Regime.

Gonzo Journalism Gets The Goods. So, while Derek Gordon will continue to rally for the Order Mills and his sidekick Joe Hummel will continue to attempt to polish the corrupt and fraudulent image of the NAMFS Regime, I will do what I do best: Piss People Off.

Memes: So many people, so little time!
Memes: So many people, so little time!

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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