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Ken Carroll: Questions Of Racism And Patriotism Against Fannie Mae Go Unanswered

For weeks now, the Mortgage Field Services Industry has been reeling from the fallout created by Shari Nott and Chris Crandell, National Field Network (NFN) executives whom perpetrated a multi-million dollar fraud upon Minority Females and Labor. While Foreclosurepedia has reported upon the dynamic duo’s horrendous behavior since 2014, only recently was NFN elevated to a position wherein they were capable of defrauding victims on a National Scale. Fannie Mae was the drunken fire chief whom oversaw Nott and Crandell’s financial arson. Minority Females and Labor were the priceless fuel which was consumed in the process.

There are two lawyers whom play critical roles in protecting these financial terrorists. Victor A Deutch represents National Field Network (NFN) — their real name is National Management and Preservation Services LLC. Deutch is a lawyer whom has honed the art of destroying Minority Females lives in a particularly ugly fashion. For years, Deutch was used by Nott and Crandell to leverage pennies on the dollar settlements whenever Nott or Crandell determined that they were going to fraudulently implement a chargeback. How it worked was NFN would issue a chargeback for services already performed. Nott and Crandell were the sole arbiters. The 14th Amendment never came into play with NFN. If they said you did not do the work or they did not like it, they charged back millions of dollars, over the years, and Deutch was brought in to offer pennies on the dollar to struggling mothers whom had no choice but to take it.

For those of you whom believe that Fannie Mae’s Complaint Hotline works, I want you to try an experiment. Call in and self report as an African American or Hispanic. Then advise that you work in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. I will pay you if you are even able to get a Case Number assigned. In fact, only six out of nearly 200+ people we spoke with had received a Case Number. And while they were promised that they would have an answer within 10 days, months later they have yet to even get an email back. Moreover, though, our sampling demonstrated a high propensity to speak disrespectfully to Minorities as opposed to caucasians according to those we asked.

The other man I want to mention is Ken Carroll of the law firm Carrington Coleman. A simple Google Search typing in KEN CARROLL FANNIE MAE will bring up several of our articles on him. Many of you, in the Foreclosurepedia Nation, are aware that Carroll represents Fannie Mae. In fact, Carroll was carbon copied in an email which attempted to silence Foreclosurepedia’s reporting upon his Client’s wholesale mistreatment of Minority Females and Labor. In fact, had Carroll’s Client obeyed the law and implemented proper financial auditing procedures, there would have been NO VICTIMS. According to several sources, had Fannie Mae not allowed Shari Nott to fly Fannie Mae representatives to exotic locations during the procurement process, there would have been NO VICTIMS.

Carroll, a former federal prosecutor, traded in the Constitution for the Perp Walk, years back. Defending White Collar criminals has been his specialty, ever since. And I keyed to something on his Carrington Coleman profile, which reads, in part,

When I was with the U.S. attorney’s office, an expert witness once told me, ‘You really do chew on an old bone.’ I do tend to worry over issues. I spend a lot of time and personal energy on solving problems. Any problem you have is going to be my problem.”

Well Ken, you have your Client’s problem, now. Look, demonstrating that Fannie Mae and by proxy their Counsel, Ken Carroll, are recalcitrant to address racism is fairly simple. Recently, the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) filed suit against Fannie Mae after the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) remained recalcitrant to enforce the law. Here is a brief statement from NFHA about the filing,

The National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) and 20 local fair housing organizations from across the United States filed a housing discrimination lawsuit on December 5, 2016 against Fannie Mae in federal district court in San Francisco, California. The lawsuit alleges that Fannie Mae purposely fails to maintain its foreclosures (also known as real estate owned or “REO” properties) in middle- and working-class African American and Latino neighborhoods to the same level of quality it does for foreclosures it owns in white middle- and working-class neighborhoods. The data supporting the federal lawsuit, which includes substantial photographic evidence, shows a stark pattern of discriminatory conduct by Fannie Mae in the maintenance of its foreclosures.

Not convinced? Here is how, a large and respected real estate website, described the NFHA litigation,

Real estate agents and brokers who are listing agents for Fannie Mae, take note: A sweeping federal lawsuit accusing the government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) of neglecting foreclosure properties in predominantly minority neighborhoods could put you in the crosshairs of the Fair Housing Act. And if you’re an agent or a broker who has been trying to sell properties in areas where Fannie Mae has failed to maintain its foreclosure properties, you’ll want to pay close attention to this case, too.

And to demonstrate that Fannie Mae has zero respect for women is equally as simple. A lawsuit filed last month alleges that a senior Fannie Mae manager hired a woman simply to have his own private sex slave paid for by US Taxpayer funds. You see, Fannie Mae is owned by the US government and many argue that it is time for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to finally be dissolved. Here is what The Daily Beast had to say,

A senior Fannie Mae manager repeatedly plied an employee for sex at boozy lunches and business trips while the company footed the bill, the former employee alleges in a lawsuit filed Wednesday.

Soleil Bonnin claims she was working as an adult dancer at a Washington, D.C. gentlemen’s club when she met Joseph King, a senior manager at the government-backed home loan giant. When Bonnin expressed an interest in changing careers, King allegedly offered her a job working as his direct employee in July 2016. But instead of treating Bonnin as a regular employee, the lawsuit claims, King isolated her from colleagues, took her on outings where he demanded sex, and threatened to fire her if she did not comply.

Here is how CNN put it,

Bonnin claims former IT department manager Joseph King hired her in July 2016, with no work experience in IT, shortly after they met at the strip club where she worked. King offered to mentor her into a new career at Fannie Mae, according to the lawsuit. But the lawsuit claims it soon became clear that Bonnin was being paid about $90,000 to have sex and party with him during work hours.

It shouldn’t be surprising. Ken Carroll’s boss, Timothy Mayopoulos, Fannie Mae’s president, is a prime example of how mistreatment of women is commonplace. As Foreclosurepedia reported, Mayopoulos was banging Cincinnati-based Fifth Third Bancorp’s former chief legal officer, Heather Russell, and his wife had to find out about it in a Financial Due Diligence meeting report. And all bullshit aside, Fifth Third Bancorp has one hell of a financial interest in Fannie Mae and its sibling company, Freddie Mac, selling off mortgages which get — and you are going to love it as this is a repeat of 2008 — bundled into securities guaranteed by the government. While Fifth Third canned the adulteress, Russell, they kept Mayopoulos whom had known Russell since his Bank of America days from where he moved on to Fannie Mae.

Ken Carroll’s continued support of Mayopoulos and the cesspool they are running over at Fannie Mae makes me truly wonder what happens, after the lights go out, in the Carroll household. There is a national movement to protect women from this type of abusive behavior. And whether or not Carroll personally believes that women or objects or not I do not know. What I do know is that Carroll has refused to protect female victims in the National Field Network scandal. What is even more sickening is the fact that this used to be Carroll’s primary directive as a federal prosecutor. You protect women because they are somebody’s Mother, Sister, Daughter or Wife!

What I never thought I would hear, though, is that Ken Carroll would be behind the targeting of Active Duty military personnel. I mean I am not saying that Carroll’s Client should get a pass for racism. I am not saying that Carroll’s continued representation of a Client whom obviously cannot even control how its employees, including its own president, abuse women, is proper. When your actions put military personnel in harm’s way, though, that is WAY THE FUCK OVER the top!

Foreclosurepedia spoke with an enlisted Army soldier whom contacted us yesterday, while on deployment in Afghanistan. To protect national security, Foreclosurepedia is withholding his name from the public. I spoke with the soldier, at length, with respect to the abuse he has suffered at the hands of  NFN, Fannie Mae, and Reverse Mortgage Solutions (RMS), over the past several months, and I was appalled.

Originally a National Guardsman and recently ordered to active duty status, the soldier ran and operated a company whom performed services for NFN. NFN was sending him Fannie Mae and RMS work orders. As he put it,

NFN told us that they were late on receiving payments and asked that we continue what we were doing and they would catch us up. As I was awaiting deployment orders I figured that these were US Government properties and heck, I worked for the US Government. That money was supposed to make sure that my wife was taken care of while I deployed to fight in Afghanistan. And the crazy thing is they owe us Fifty Thousand Dollars, right? Here I am in Afghanistan as I just left awhile ago, and their lawyer tells us to take twenty cents on the dollar and I have two weeks to decide. I mean I cannot even get into Court to fight this because I am fighting a war for my Country. It’s not like I can take a day off and fly back to appear.

For those of you whom have been to war, you know precisely that this is not what you need on your mind as you are patrolling streets with ISIS and Taliban everywhere. You have to have your head in the game. You cannot be worrying about your wife’s eviction when you are scanning the ground for IED’s or interpreting the intentions of civilian populations.

This is the Ken Carroll that people really and I mean REALLY need to learn about. This is a man whom has turned his back on everything American. That soldier is fighting, overseas, to protect our way of life. Where was Carroll when our Country called? Striking deals with criminals as a federal prosecutor. And when he found out he could make more money representing them, off and away he went!

It takes a certain type of human being to turn their back on our active duty and military veterans. And that is precisely what Ken Carroll is doing when he refuses to do what is right. No two ways around it. And that message needs to be sent out through the Foreclosurepedia Nation network. In fact, here is what I wrote Carroll, whom continues to refuse to comment,

Just got off the phone with a gentleman in the US Army whose unit was activated about the time National Field Network and Fannie Mae decided to stick it to him for $50,000. He called me from Afghanistan after getting it cleared with Division.
I have encountered some horrible people, in my time. I have never met Americans whom do their best to harm the American War Effort. To this day I have never met people whom despise those whom serve admirably in our fine Armed Forces and yet reap all that those brave men and women sow. That never happened until I began interacting with you and your Client.
With that said it is ironic that you and your Client went to Congress, hat in hand, for $3 Billion, and yet you are purposefully sticking it to this man whom is fighting to make sure that the money is there. You benefit from that money, Ken, because it is used, in part, to pay for your billing.
The gentleman whom you and your Client are CHOOSING to screw over may very well have to find new housing for his wife because he has no ability to defend himself against Fannie Mae and National Field Network. The Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act (SCRA), the same Act that protected me when I served against predators like yourself, does not apply to he. See, when you and Victor Deutch got together in that email demanding me to remain silent and when your colleague, Deutch chose to only report upon SOME debt, that alienated this man and his family’s ability to defend against the spurious actions you and Deutch took unilaterally. And while I am suggesting that he go to the JAG Corps, the reality is that he is dodging bullets with this bullshit on his mind. That may cost lives, Ken. Not that you care. Not that being a former federal prosecutor was anything other than a stepping stone to a lucrative career destroying the lives of Minority Females and Labor.
Ken, this man’s blood will be on your hands. And if anyone in his Unit take fire and are injured or killed, that blood, too, will be on your hands. I want that to sink in, for a moment. And I am going to ensure that there is not a veteran’s organization that is not made aware of this starting with the Veterans of Foreign Wars local post here in Knoxville.
You are a disgrace to the Bar; you are a disgrace to your Country; and you are a disgrace to humanity. You want to turn your back on civilians based upon their color, gender, and religious belief (all apply here so make no mistake about it), fine. You should have performed a little bit of due diligence on precisely whom those victims were. And this victim was the last victim your Client wanted. Your and your Client’s treatment of an honorable service member, in his time of need, will be your legacy. And in a time of resurging patriotism and pride in one’s Country, I am sure it will NOT go misunderstood by the Corporate Media.
There are battles and wars. Hell, I just finished watching Trump at Miramar speaking to the fact that our military service members are the backbone of our Nation.  This is a battle that I submit your Client will lose. And if they lose this battle, they will lose the war. The scorched earth policy is not wise. RMS is working to pay folks even as I type. Spoke with a victim about it. Fannie Mae is, as well, paying out that victim. So, there is precedent for your Client paying people. It would appear, though, that they hate those whom serve in the Armed Forces, and that does not bode well in the Court of Public Opinion.
Ball is in your Court, Counselor. I appear in front of the VFW Saturday. And coming on the heels of my reporting about yet another NAMFS Board Member, Michael Evangelo, under fire for having dozens of photos of women and children secreted away on a server used for the inspection of homes — yes, many of those Inspections were performed for your Client — the reality is that there are some sick people Fannie Mae is coddling. Pedophielia and hatred of the US Army. I am not a K Street boy anymore, but I sure in the hell wouldn’t want that on my plate.

I am asking that EVERYONE in the Foreclosurepedia Nation circulate this Post and send it to your local media. The only way that we stop evil is if we become directly involved. Carroll and his Client, Fannie Mae, need to be held accountable. We must bring public awareness to the plight of this Servicemember. I am hopeful that there are those of you out there whom were either in the US Military or know people whom have been. We need to circulate this Post around — print it out if need be — and get it in front of the American Legion as well as the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

If you would be willing to write to this brave man, please reach out to me. We need to demonstrate that unlike Ken Carroll and Fannie Mae, the Foreclosurepedia Nation appreciates his service.

As I know that many of the Foreclosurepedia Nation are in Texas, please get this Post out and about to your local communities. Ken Carroll and his law firm of CARRINGTON, COLEMAN, SLOMAN &. BLUMENTHAL, LLP., 901 Main Street, Suite 5500. Dallas, Texas 75202. Telephone: (214) 855-3000, need to be boycotted. If you have time, why not send a copy of this Post to their address listed above and inform them that defending those whom would do harm to our brave men and women serving our armed forces is NOT something which President Trump meant went he ran on the Make America Great Again platform. There is no place in American jurisprudence for people like Ken Carroll or his law firm!

Our Wanted Poster will be out later this week. In the meantime, here is one of the older ones, if you want to get creative!

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