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Jay Goscinski: The Update Everyone Has Been Waiting For

Foreclosurepedia is just rolling in off the first of multiple winter road trips. We will be here at Foreclosurepedia GHQ for the next 36 hours returning from Phoenix. Tomorrow evening, we head to Florida to closely examine PK Management, SEAS — these fucks cannot even afford to pay for direct deposit anymore which will be published tonight — and to heavily profile a few up and coming firms.

The Jay Goscinski Michigan Realty Solutions matter has been problematic for over a year now and has finally come to a head. Foreclosurepedia has the material Labor needs to begin to make educated decisions with respect to Should I Stay Or Should I Go. Tomorrow morning, Foreclosurepedia will coincide our Epic Foreclosurepedia Podcast with the revelations on Jay Goscinksi and what Labor should do.

Folks, I am heading in to compile all of the notes and photos I have with respect to this past ten days’ road trip. You really do not want to miss tomorrow’s Articles and Podcasts! Thanks to each and all whom gave me hospitality and for those whom will be bankrupted out over the next several weeks based upon this information — A BIG FUCK YOU!

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