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ISTAR Database Goes Online

After unearthing literally hundreds of thousands of dollars swindled from Contractors by Order Mills, Forelosurepedia has elected to publicly open up its ISTAR Database.   Located at  ISTAR will now serve as the conduit for streaming data from Contractors to parties needing information on outstanding debts owed against HUD Contracts.  In the coming days we will establish a direct email and dedicated phone line to field the multitude of Reports we anticipate.  While HUD debt stands in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, we are confident that the pre conveyance debt will approach well over a MILLION Dollars!

Bear in mind that it takes time to populate the information up on ISTAR.  Granted, Foreclosurepedia has hired staff, at our own expense, the reality is that this is a massive undertaking!

The long term objective is to bring public awareness to properties which have the potential for being tainted for future litigation.  The veracity of the entered data is based upon the review of Contractor data submitted.  Foreclosurepedia neither confirms nor denies whether the properties in question will ever enter into a Court of Law.  We do affirm; however, that they will be placed squarely in the Court of Public Opinion!

Over the coming weeks, Foreclosurepedia will expand the database to include pre conveyance properties (bank owned real estate) which have debts owed which exceed 50+ days.  We feel that the time is long overdue for the Property Preservation Industry to take a stand against hiring Order Mills whom defraud Contractors; it is time that Nationals take some responsibility instead of burying their collective heads in the sand!

In the event you would like to support this Mission Evolution, feel free to Donate via the Sidebar Widget.  Select Support ISTAR and enter any amount you would like!  The reality is that WE ARE THE ONLY LINE OF DEFENSE between the Contractor and those whom would destroy their hopes, dreams and aspirations!

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