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Is Wells Fargo Pulling Their MCS Accounts?

Foreclosurepedia is receiving several, unconfirmed reports that Wells Fargo may be pulling their Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) accounts as early as 01 February 2015. We must remind our readership that these reports are unsubstantiated; however, the beneficiary may be MSI. The main problem with rolling on the MSI coattails is that MSI does not seem to be very interested in the legitimacy of the work order process. Below is the direct quote from an MSI Order Mill which Foreclosurepedia reported upon last night,

For ALL MSI Gold Team Vacant properties you need to post one of the new FTV postings that we sent you on the door knob. If there is an old one on there please remove it. The Aspen ID that you can use, if you don’t have one, is FL3217xxxxx.

Over the next several days, Foreclosurepedia will be able to substantiate the flurry of comments which have been making their rounds through internal emails and telephone calls. If, in fact, Wells Fargo pulls their Portfolio from MCS, it would tend to make sense in light of the insanity percolating beneath the public venere of that which Carloyn Reeves has been outwardly projecting. It would also substantiate the fact that I have always claimed the Aspen Grove Solutions were an end game to obtain information on as many Members of Labor as possible — whether this is a good thing or bad depends on whether or not you are on the paying end of the ABC Numbers Aspen Grove Solutions issues. What we do know for sure is that Aspen Grove Solutions is raking in an obscene amount of money. Here is what I mean,

If a Company gets an Aspen Grove Number for you and you leave, you must go and buy yet another one. No two ways around it as the below demonstrates,

If you had this background check done for another company, provide me with the ABC number you were provided and the expiration date.  I am going to try and I mean try, to allow you to use your number from another company.  What we are suppose to do is resubmit yours and pay the $65.00 and then you are to get refunded from the company you originally got the background check from.  This is absolutely crazy but they say there is no way of getting around it.  But…I am going to try and see what happens.  Aspen Grove said that the easiest way to do this is for you to open your own account ($50 or $75 per year) and then your companies that you work for can just get on your network and get the information.

What we are seeing here is that the Background Check is both pointless and simply a revenue generating tool. Either Aspen Grove Solutions is capable of uniquely identifying a person by an ID Number, or they are not. If they are, then I understand a $5 Company Name change. Charging the same price each and every time a Member of Labor moves — and here we haven’t even substantiated the fact whether or not the Order Mill Owners and their employees are Background Checked like Alan Jaffa or Heather Berghorst — is unconstitutional. In this I mean that Aspen Grove Solutions is used as a proxy to deprive Members of Labor of their civil rights to meaningfully participate in employment as there is a cost attached to their ability to move freely within the landscape of the Mortgage Field Services Industry.

The Aspen Grove Solutions ID Number is the modern day equivalent of slavery. It is a chattel document; it is A document that demonstrates both a monetary obligation and a security interest either in certain goods, or in a lease on certain goods which Members of Labor are branded as belonging to a specific corporation. It goes without saying that this Irish Mobster Mentality has its roots precisely where Aspen Grove Solutions is based out of in Ireland. Pushing the Belfast Tradition upon US Citizens is unwise, at best, and precarious ultimately. Not surprising, though, that as the NAMFS Regime is and has always been a predominately White Pride organization, as I see it. The racism which is demonstrated by Eric Miller and his fellow NAMFS Regime Board of Directors refusing to allow an African American to ever be seated upon its Board is categorically demonstrative of the fact that Miller has no problems isolating the very socioeconomically deprived African American Community from meaningfully participating in Labor.

Early on, Foreclosurepedia identified the targeting of African American females in the Southeast for fraud. Foreclosurepedia called then and calls now for the NAACP and the ACLU to investigate the racist platforms upon which Eric Miller and Adriana Farelo-Fernandez, NAMFS Regime Vice President and mouthpiece for the Farelo Group, parade around as legitimate interests. Farelo-Fernandez is a token; Farelo-Fernandez is nothing other than an Uncle Tom. And make no mistake that Farelo-Fernandez is the diametric opposite of La Raza! At each and every point which both Members of Labor and now even the federal courts have documented the atrocities committed against Labor, Farelo-Fernandez has REF– USED to allow for Ethics Hearings as are allowable by the NAMFS Regime By Laws.

Stand with Forecosurepedia in its support of the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST) and bringing an end to White Power mentality which the NAMFS Regime Offender Members have been influencing upon the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Stand up to Eric Miller’s overt racial overtones in Miller’s repugnant and discriminatory actions by refusing to allow African Americans whom work diligently and side-by-side with ALL MEMBERS OF LABOR, to have a seat at the NAMFS Board of Directors Table!

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.

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