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MSI: The Preservation Company Making A Big Entrance

Yesterday, Foreclosurepedia ran an article about the potential for Wells Fargo to be pulling the plug on Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) and potentially shifting their Portfolio over to Mortgage Specialists International LLC (MSI). In that article we discussed the fact that an Order Mill providing services to MSI; in essence a sub farming work out to Members of Labor, had been tossing out their Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS) ID Number for others to use. This was precipitated by the fact that Members of Labor whom already had an AGS ID Number were being exploited and AGS was requiring that fees be paid, yet again, to run the same background checks to issue yet a new AGS ID Number. The intentions were noble; the firestorm which happened was precisely what occurs when Loss of Profit appears on the radar.

MSI is making great strides within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Reports currently coming in from Labor is that MSI appears to be a solid Member of Management to work with. That does not mean that the normal growing pains do not exist; it means that MSI has not displayed any of the negativity which Members of Labor have been subjected to by the Offender Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime.

I am cautiously optimistic and encouraged about MSI entering the Industry Landscape. The problem that I anticipate, as has been the problem all along, is that Management needs to begin to directly work with Members of Labor as opposed to running their Work Orders through the Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills.

With respect to whether or not MSI will take over the entirety or any of the Wells Fargo Portfolio from MCS, what Foreclosurepedia does know is that MSI Work Orders in several states have ticked up and MCS Work Orders have all but disappeared in the same areas. Personally, I do not believe in coincidence; however, Members of Labor are invited to explore the question with their respective Vendor Managers and share with Foreclosurepedia accordingly. More on point, Foreclosurepedia has reached out to MSI via a proxy to advise MSI that we are interested in speaking with them OFF THE RECORD. If MSI is truly interested in a good working relationship with Members of Labor, the reality is that the best way to communicate this is to speak with Foreclosurepedia and allow us to proverbially part the sea for them.

As a footnote, I am enroute to Arizona for several days of Consulting with assorted Firms which I am hopeful that will become excellent partners with Labor. It is refreshing to see Firms reach out to Foreclosurepedia with a candid intention of not only ensuring that they are optimally operating above the board, but to truly have an interest in fostering a good relationship with Labor. If any Firms are interested in capitalizing upon my travels and if my route intersects with your location, feel free to reach out and let’s set something up! Obviously, my posting will be slower than normal over the next week. Foreclosurepedia will additionally be in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida towards the end of January.

Don’t put off the opportunity to have a review performed for your Firm! In South Carolina we are building equipment for and training crews to perform upon US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) assets; in Georgia we are performing a large array of IT Infrastructure work; and in Florida we are doing what we do best: Optimizing Management Operations for a healthy Return on Investment while ensuring an excellent working relationship with Members of Labor! If you mention IAFST in your requests during the month of January, Foreclosurepedia will give you a ten percent discount! This is because Foreclosurepedia supports the hard work of the men and women over at the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST).


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