Economic Bellwethers: Can An Industry Function Without Labor?

As the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime continues to press forward with its apparent Agenda of fraud; as the effects of Management’s assault upon Labor is measured by both the NAMFS Regime Offender Members refusing to pay Members of Labor and the slashing of pricing nationwide while requiring yet more work to be performed, Foreclosurepedia thought it would be wise to set some statistics out for Eric Miller and his Merry Band of Thugs to consider. Miller is the Executive Director of the NAMFS Regime whom is paid over ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR to keep silent the atrocities his Offender Members commit against Labor.

Today, the United States has, by far, the most unequal distribution of income by way of comparison to ALL DEVELOPED NATIONS! Racism is rampant in the United States and is clearly visible within the ranks of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services whom has NEVER ALLOWED AN AFRICAN AMERICAN UPON THE NAMFS BOARD OF DIRECTORS! This type of racial and income discrimination is battled daily by Members of Labor within the Mortgage Field Services Industry.

In 1978 the typical American Male earned $48,302; in 2010, that same worker earned an average $33,751. In the same years, the top 1% earned an average of $393,686 and $1,101089 respectively. Not moved yet? In the Untied States 42% of all children whom are born into poverty — THAT INCLUDES NEARLY SIXTY PERCENT OF ALL MEMBERS OF LABOR WHOM ACTUALLY GET PAID — will not get out of poverty! Consumer spending accounts for over 70% of the US Economy. In the 1970s $35,143 constituted disposable income with an additional $15,579 going to housing. Today, we see rent consuming well over the acceptable 30 percentile mark and markedly increasing faster than inflation — in New Orleans it more than doubled from 14% to 34% of income spent on rent over the past several years.

Since 2007, 41 states have reduced support for higher education; US College Graduation has flatlined, and using US Berkeley (where I attended for a period of time) as a marker we see that in the 1960s tuition was free whereas today it is over $15,000 per year for in state students!

Chuck Collins, the great grandson of meat packing giant Oscar Meyer; Nicole Buffet, grand daughter to Warren Buffet; and Jamie Johnson, great grandson to the Johnson & Johnson Empire are quintessential examples of movements within the Old Guard Money breaking with tradition. The reality is that there is a HUGE PROBLEM when Offender Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime are not held accountable for paying taxes upon the income that they have earned.

Today, there are no Independent Contractors working in the field of this Industry. This is a salient and legal fact. Hurst v Buczek made this determination. Even ignoring the guidance of the US District Court in the landmark Settlement Agreement wherein Buczek Enterprises paid a six figure Settlement to Brad Hurst, the reality is that the control over Labor by Management has gone far beyond the concerns of the federal court.

It is both unjust and absurd that the Mortgage Field Services Industry believes that it is able to continue to ask Labor to continue to do more and more with less and less. Eric Miller and his belief that he is an Emperor reigning supreme on behalf of Management  while lording over Labor, has finally hit a nerve — on both sides of the aisle. Let me walk you down the Hall of Shame which Miller has erected in the way that only a trained media professional like myself is capable of doing,

Eric Miller has run OVER BUDGET SIXTY SEVEN THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY TWO DOLLARS! When you include yet another TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY TWO THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY NINE DOLLARS for his salary — THIS IS OVER A QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS!!!!! That is simply for the first two documented years of his Regime.

To put things far more perspective, since Miller took the helm Management has had a NAMFS Member closure and bankruptcy rate higher than all other times in NAMFS history combined! We have grass cuts at $15 — I mean no one did this when they were kids let alone as adults paying for insurance, gas, materials, labor and running a family! It is not the financial institutions which are dictating the pricing, either. This is the epitome of NAMFS Regime greed out of control.

What we have seen over the past decade of sloth within the Industry; the passing of the burden of debt upon the shoulders of Labor, is directly tracking the trajectory that we see within the Beltway. The inner cities, once thriving urban centers teeming with innovation and expansion, now represent the cesspools which Eric Miller reigns over in his NAMFS Regime capacity as the Emperor Whom Wears No Clothes. It is a dangerous and precarious station to attend in life at the age he is.

For me to tell you that certain Members of Labor do not harbor a desire to violently strike out at those whom have stolen food off of their children’s plates would be a lie. Miller and his team of half wit lawyers would like to sue and ensure that I keep this part of the dialogue silent. I will not. The civil unrest which we are witnessing on television daily; the murders, violence and burning down of towns is coming to the Industry. When it comes and precisely whom is on the receiving end of this chaos first, I cannot predict.

I spoke not long ago with a person whom was enroute to the office of a Regional Order Mill. He had called me to talk about the nearly $100,000 of fraud which Adam Buczek perpetrated upon him. He had lost his wife and son through a divorce because he had lost everything still believing the lies that Adam Buczek told him — that Adam Buczek would pay him — and was infuriated about the fact that Eric Miller was protecting him. What he wanted was a play-by-play documentation of that which he had planned. The man was serious and had a very odd calm about him. At the last minute, though, I talked him back from the proverbial edge and Derby, NY, still remains the quiet community it is today.

There have been many similar occasions which I have interacted with Labor pertaining to their deep seated resentment of the fraud which Eric Miller allows to flow; which Eric Miller oversees and does nothing to prevent. The reality is that at some point-in-time I am not going to be there to intercede on behalf of Management. The sickening reality is that we are far beyond the well polished marble floors of the US District Courtrooms where men lay down their swords in favor of civility.

We cannot continue the devastation of the lives and hopes of Labor to simply protect myth that there are legitimate Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). Even those whom I have had the luxury of speaking to whom are NAMFS Rank and File, the reality is that they neither work to change things nor contribute to help Labor. The reality is that Labor is left out in the cold with no one other than the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST) to step to the plate on their behalf.

Eric Miller’s playbook, to date, has been to huddle in small groups and pray that either I get tired or one of his thugs kill me as we saw with the Buczek Enterprises mess — and yes Eric Miller I believe you were behind that and many other threats. The problem is that I am a patient man; I have a very specific set of skills that I have honed over a lifetime.

In 1928, before the Great Depression, the top 1% took home more than 23% of the total income in the US. Today, the top 1% take in more than 40%. My concerns do not revolve around income inequality in the US as a whole. My concerns pertain to Labor not even being paid in the Mortgage Field Services Industry and Eric Miller along with Adriana Farelo-Fernandez giving these NAMFS Regime Offender Members safe haven.

And just when the NAMFS Regime thought it could not get worse, reports are now coming out that Industry Order Mills are blanket sharing Aspen Grove Solutions ABC Numbers as Labor continues to refuse to pay the illegal extortion fees for a program which does not work.

For ALL MSI Gold Team Vacant properties you need to post one of the new FTV postings that we sent you on the door knob. If there is an old one on there please remove it. The Aspen ID that you can use, if you don’t have one, is FL3217xxxxx. —Hey, Eric Miller, what say you about the illegal use of Aspen Grove Solutions ABC Numbers in the furtherance of fraud?! Oh, my bad, I don’t want to fuck up the pay offs that I believe you and the Board get.

As usual, Eric Miller will protect the very scum that are perpetrating the fraud. And as usual Labor will pay the penalty for Offender Members of the NAMFS Regime processing work orders illegally — MSI is on the hook, this time. The word is out: 2015 is going to be a d0xing extravaganza! The sanitizing effects of transparency are going to reveal precisely whom has been doing what — Santa’s Naughty and Nice list are obsolete in the 21st Century.


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