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Foreclosuregate 2015: How NAMFS Invited Fraud Under Their Roof

The National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime has done more to destroy the credibility of the Mortgage Field Services Industry under the Dictatorship of Eric Miller than in its twenty plus year history combined. Miller, whom is the identified in documents obtained by Foreclosurepedia after filing an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 13909 Federal Complaint, is the recipient of over ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR CONSUMING NEARLY SEVENTY PERCENT OF ALL NAMFS MEMBER DUES. As of FY2013, Miller has overseen the loss of nearly SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLARS of NAMFS Regime Capital and that number is expected to more than double for FY2014. Yet, the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors continues to give Miller roughly a TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR PER YEAR pay raise! In essence, the non profit status of the NAMFS Regime exists to ensure that Eric Miller is capable of living a comfortable life. Now, if each of the 470 +/-NAMFS Regime Offender Members (Foreclosurepedia does not check the website for total Offender Members due to fear of new viruses on the NAMFS Website) simply wished to send Eric Miller a check to pay for his salary, travel and other ancillary items for $406 and some change each year, there wouldn’t be a problem. When NAMFS Regime Offender Members ask me to foot their bill as a US Taxpayer, I say FUCK YOU as there isn’t even a Letter of Determination from IRS pertaining to NAMFS and NAMFS has not even registered in the State of Ohio!

Miller had a pretty good racket going on until I came along. Matter of fact, had Miller kept his promises of eradicating fraud, Miller would not be on his proverbial knees assuming the position. I have no ax to grind with Management; my Clients are in some of the most powerful positions within the NAMFS Regime and Financial Institutions. I have an ax to grind with those like Joe Hummel whom fuck Members of Labor!

Miller and the rest of the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors knew about the Heather Berghorst fraud long before she fell from grace as I and other Members of Labor contacted Miller directly. My opinion is that Miller is, at minimum, complicit in fraud for not turning her into the proper authorities as NAMFS is a Business League operating within the financial sector. If Miller did not move that information to the NAMFS Regime Board, it would lend credence to my theory that Miller is the recipient of favors from Berghorst — financial or otherwise, if at all, I do not know.

What I do know is that Eric Miller and Adriana Farelo-Fernandez the NAMFS Regime Vice President and mouthpiece of the Farelo Group, refused to ever pursue Ethics Investigations on Heather Berghorst whom is on her SECOND BANKRUPTCY and defrauded Contractors out of hundreds of thousands of dollars while both a Board Member and Secretary of NAMFS. In fact, Fifth Third Bank is still pursuing willful and malicious injury charges against Berghorst in Federal Court. More on point, though, Miller and Farelo-Fernandez still have Berghorst listed as a Member in Good Standing on the NAMFS Regime Offender Member List.

The overtly nefarious election of Joe Hummel to the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors simply consummated the fact that the NAMFS Regime has no intention of ever cleaning up its Organized Crime image. In fact, it would appear that Eric Miller and Adriana Farelo-Fernandez are hell bent upon creating the perfect record for presentation to both the US Attorney General and a Jury that NAMFS is above the law. Hummel, co owner of Keystone Property Services, has a growing entourage of Members of Labor whom are presenting evidence that even though Hummel is being paid by Safeguard Properties and a half dozen other Clients, Hummel is refusing to pay them.

Many of the NAMFS Rank and File ask me daily what can they do as the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors refuse to listen to them. Defund NAMFS. Plain and simple. The only way that Eric Miller is capable of continuing to refuse to listen to NAMFS Rank and File is by receiving your Membership Dues.

If you are a Member of Labor and have been harmed by an Offender Member of the NAMFS Regime, call Eric Miller today! Call Eric Miller at:  888-292-6831 Extension 1. Write Eric Miller at:  eric.miller@namfs.org Express your displeasure of he and Adriana Farelo-Fernandez refusing to bring its Offender Members to Justice! Going forward, Foreclosurepedia will not assist anyone whom has not first done these two things. It doesn’t matter if Miller does a damn thing; it matters that Labor is sending a message that enough is enough!

Or why not tell Elizabeth Ann Ziots over on Winchell Road that what she is supporting is wrong? You see, it is not only the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors that Foreclosurepedia has begun to flip; we are working with those actually moving the paperwork — Is Liz one of them, well Foreclosurepedia could neither confirm nor deny.

The power lies within Labor’s grasp. Labor will either choose to participate in their own protection or those whom have cold feet will be left behind with the Herd. 2015 is a Year of Change. Those of you whom have already courageously reached out to the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST), Foreclosurepedia applauds your decision. Those within Management whom have, likewise, contacted IAFST, Labor will stand by you when The Trials begin — your Firms will be the ones with Labor when your competitors loose theirs from fraud.

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