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While You Were Sleeping Foreclosurepedia Was Digging Deep On Joe Hummel

Joe Hummel, Co Owner of Keystone Property Services (they can’t figure out how to port forward their website) and illegally appointed National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime Board Member, just cannot seem to keep it real with Labor. As we reported a day ago, Hummel and his sidekick Derek Gordon appear to not have a clear understanding of the law. First, to run a business in the State of North Carolina, you are required to have a business license first. Both NAMFS Board Member Joe Hummel and Derek Gordon are conducting business across state lines, using electronic means and continue to refuse to obtain a North Carolina Business License.


Several days ago, we were approached by a Member of Labor about an old school NAMFS Regime Offender Member Scheme with a new twist which NAMFS Regime Board Member Joe Hummel appears to be trying out. Even though Keystone Property Services’ Client pays them, they refused to pay the Member of Labor. Their rationale appears to be that something may get kicked out in the next 50 years! I mean fuck the fact that work is completed, Hummel and his Inner Circle of Thugs are implementing a theft by way of deception scheme best I can tell.

Turns out that NAMFS Regime Board Member Joe Hummel has been doing this for quite awhile as other Members of Labor are beginning to come out of the woodwork. We are reaching out to all of them to conduct Interviews and to get their information out, as well.

In closing, please find some of NAMFS Regime Board Member Joe Hummel’s Client’s data below. It is being published as a Public Service to protect potential home owners from becoming involved with clouded titles and potential litigation. As you can clearly see, even Safeguard Properties, NAMFS Regime Board Member Joe Hummel’s biggest Client, seems not to understand why a chargeback had been issued. More on this Heather Berghorst protege as we process the information.


Sent: Friday, September 26, 2014 11:24 AM




We are in receipt of your email and attachment. We are investigating the reasoning behind some of the chargebacks, there are a few that we are having trouble locating a chargeback on. Please provide the check number on the below work orders.

  • 148344369
  • 145076853
  • 140172433


Vendor Management Issues Team

Safeguard Properties

O: 800.852.8306

7887 Safeguard Circle (HUB PKWY)

Valley View, OH 44125

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Safeguarding our clients’ interests.

First Page Of Many Being Uploaded Into The Property Baggage Website
First Page Of Many Being Uploaded Into The Property Baggage Website

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