IronClad Preservation To Host BOTG Florida

Bret Douglas, owner and founder over at IronClad Preservation had a novel idea: How About Contractors begin to Network and exchange ideas? It is novel in the sense that Contractors generally do not exchange much of anything other than Social Media within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Douglas, whom has recently expanded two satellite offices giving him coverage well over half of the State of Florida, has adopted a successful strategy which Foreclosurepedia has endorsed: A Predominately Regional System of Providers functioning at W2 Levels.

Fore quite some time I have pondered about how to successfully engage actual Boots on the Ground (BOTG) Contractors. The postmortem on the National Property Preservation Guild (NPPG) was insightful in that the predominate interest was generated by Order Mills. Order Mills are antithetical to that which I believe the Mortgage Field Services Industry should be represented by.

Foreclosurepedia’s presence at BOTG Florida 2014 will be multifaceted. First, we will be bringing our technical expertise to ensure a professional audio and visual presentation is streamed and archived. Second, we will help orchestrate the behind-the-scenes administrative nightmare so that the production looks polished and professional. Third, we will bore the BOTGs with a Keynote Speech. And finally, we will meet with Contractors for one-on-one dialogue. BOTG Florida 2014 is about YOU THE CONTRACTOR!

What is novel about BOTG Florida 2014 is that while Foreclosurepedia has taken a fire and brimstone approach with the Board of Directors of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime, many NAMFS Rank and File will be in attendance. The reality is that I am hopeful we will be able to have some Roundtable Discussions and find some common ground. The fact of the matter is that the NAMFS Rank and File are not represented by, nor have they ever been represented by, the NAMFS Regime Board of Directors.

To understand BOTG Florida 2014, Contractors need to understand the term Pilgrimage. 2014 is a year of change — good and bad. It is bad in the sense that an inordinate amount of National, Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills are committing wholesale fraud against BOTG Contractors. Honest and hard working men and women are loosing their homes to unscrupulous Order Mills whom must be held accountable. By the same token, though, BOTG Contractors need to come to consensus on basic terminology and Rules of the Road so to speak. BOTG Florida 2014 is going to set into motion the Foundation; the very White Papers, which will eventually be used to Lobby Congress for adoption.

BOTG Florida 2014 is the prequel to PresCon 2014. That stands for Preservation Conference 2014. We created a website as a placeholder. After BOTG Florida 2014, we will begin to populate information for folks to follow along. The Movement does not end with BOTG Florida 2014, IT IS JUST THE BEGINNING!

Stay tuned for more information this coming week! Make no mistake, though, be at BOTG Florida 2014 or BE NOWHERE! This is the year that the Contractors take it back; 2014 is the Year that we Take A Stand. I have one word for people: Solidarity!

Reputation: That Is What It Is All About!

Reputation: That Is What It Is All About!


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