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Iron Clad Preservation Makes Moves Into Lake City, FL

Bret Douglas, Owner of IronClad Preservation in Orange City, FL, is on the move — in a good way. Douglas’ Membership in the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime aside, he and IronClad are beginning to show that they are a force to be acknowledged. Wherein, the Orange City IronClad Headquarters was covering 19 Counties, the recent addition of another 18 Counties by and through their new Lake City Satellite Office brings another 18 Counties into the IronClad sphere of operations. I have two words for that type of action: Strategic Dominance. On this note, it boggles the mind that the Financial Institutions and Portfolio Holders continue to roll the dice on Firms a thousand miles away; Firms whom have NO VESTED INTEREST in the Client’s outcome from a PR point-of-view locally, to perform services. More on that this weekend.

I caught up with Douglas as he was penning the lease for the new Lake City Satellite Facility. Some of his statements took me back a little bit. Whereas most Companies think in terms of weeks and perhaps a few months, Douglas was going to secure the lease for a year in a lump sum. In a time where most firms are financially insolvent, it is both comforting and timely to see that one Firm, IronClad, has both the financial where with all to perform at 100 percent AND expand.

During our conversation, Douglas was explaining his position on the Mortgage Field Services Industry. “An honest days work for an honest day’s pay.” It is worth pointing out that IronClad subscribes to Foreclosurepedia’s belief that the W2 Model is that which will be successful over the next 5 years. In addition to this philosophy, IronClad’s W2 Model encompasses facets normally only seen in Multi National firms.

The reality is that with W2 employees in the field, the Client gets the Big Mac Model as Foreclosurepedia calls it. Here is the scenario: 10 lawns at $50 per lawn. If you subcontract the 10 lawns to quasi laborers vis-a-vis the 1099 process you will end up with TEN SEPARATE RESULTS! Additionally, the Return on Investment will be $100 — Each 1099 will bill roughly $40 per lawn.

When you have 10 W2 employees, the RESULTS WILL ALL BE IDENTICAL AND SUBMITTED IMMEDIATELY! Additionally, the the Return on Investment will approach $400 +/- as at say $10 per hour the math is pretty simple.

IronClad implements an Internal Policy and Procedure Manual. Sub structured are logs and ancillary protocols for a plethora of items such as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), equipment logs, vehicle logs and a comprehensive Workman’s Compensation Policy and Procedure which is currently being put to the test in the obscene challenge by Tony Keck, a common and pedestrian criminal.

The reality is that this is an Introduction Article to IronClad Preservation and the thirty plus employees under the Command and Leadership of Bret Douglas. Over the next several days, we will roll out the meat of our candid Interviews. We are hopeful that the Financial Institutions and Portfolio Holders will take notice of those Firms Foreclosurepedia begins to Profile. The reality is that with the same surgical precision that we apply to dismantling the corrupt, Foreclosurepedia intends to elevate those whom are playing it By the Rules.

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