Interview With Laid Off Tongsua Management Employee

Foreclosurepedia has begun rolling out the MICKEY DALE SNOW Podcasts and the connections between he, Snow Enterprises and Tongsua Management — Yup, that’s SomPorn Tongsua-Hewitt.  We made this decision when we learned that Russ Snow and Mary Hewitt were attempting to reinvent their House of Fraud under new names.

Foreclosurepedia strongly advises that firms such as CWIS LLC and others break their addiction to the Snow Enterprises flavor. We have already begun a Full Court Press guaranteed to ensure that the cleansing effects of transparency ensure both a legal and ethical participation in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. We also put on Notice those whom might attempt to go back to the same poisoned well that to do such; that feigning ignorance for not performing Due Diligence, will ensure the Pox upon their House!

Listen in as we learn that Russ Snow and Mary Hewitt — Porn’s daughter — were sending money to MICKEY DALE SNOW and SOMPORN TONGUSA-HEWITT while they were on the run in Thailand. Also, listen in as we learn that Tongsua Management was controlled by MICKEY DALE SNOW. The mind blower is the revelation that the provisions of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) were  circumvented so that neither Snow Enterprises nor Tongsua Management had to comply. This, coupled with the recent laying off of all non boot licking personnel has left innocent men and women out in the cold as Russ, Mary, Somporn and Katrina dine upon the bones of Labor.

Did I forget to mention that Diversified Asset Management LLC (DAM)  has the same address as Tongsua Management LLC? That pesky 1103 Central Ave, Holly Hill, Florida 32176. Yeah, small world. Now, while DAM kept their address off the radar with the Florida Secretary of State, they couldn’t do the same with respect to both the Utility Companies and their own website itself.

So, here is the Foreclosurepedia Podcast which triggered a shot heard around the Industry! It lays out everything including placing Russ Snow at the scene. They used Snow cars; Snow Credit Cards and Report to Snow Enterprises.

Series Navigation<< MICKEY DALE SNOW: Arrested 03NOV15 In ThailandJTRS: How Mickey Snow Built Russ A Real Estate Empire >>


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