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This entry is part 6 of 18 in the series Mickey Snow: Child Rapist Extraordinaire
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MICKEY DALE SNOW: Arrested 03NOV15 In Thailand

This entry is part 6 of 18 in the series Mickey Snow: Child Rapist Extraordinaire

There is no measurement upon the crucible effect which #OpNoMoreSnow has had upon both Snow Enterprises and the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime. In fact, it has been formally revealed that MICKEY DALE SNOW was apprehended in Thailand by the Royal Thai Police in Bangkok. The hundreds of hours of debriefings we held with both C Level and Rank and File employees and subcontractors to Snow Enterprises will be gleaned and a full picture of precisely that which NAMFS Regime Members were associated with will come into full focus. And for those whom stated that Tongsua Management, owned and operated by Thailand native Somporn Tongsua Hewitt, was unfair and uncalled for, you might want to ask why it is that the Drive By Media are now picking up on it as well.

Snow left the United States Sept 14. Federal court records show the FBI tracked Snow’s movements as he traveled to various countries crisscrossing the world. 

He was last tracked to Thailand, the native country of his wife. 

At one point Snow made plans to meet family members in Atlanta, Ga. but later cancelled. He also tried to enter Panama until authorities, aware of his charges in Eden, stopped him and sent him back to Thailand.

For those of you out there still believing the bullshit that Fat Boy Miller is pumping out, take a look at the Google Maps Image of Tongsua Management below. I mean you cannot make this shit up. And it goes out as a formal question to those firms I spoke with prior, How in the FUCK did you people not see this one coming down the pike?!

Google Image for Tongsua Management
Google Image for Tongsua Management – Any Doubt Now About Russ and Katrina?!

We will have a full court press on this going into tonight and into the weekend. We are lining up all the usual suspects and preparing the Perp Walk for Eric Miller’s buddies over at The Langford Group as well as those special NAMFS Regime folks whom I have such a soft spot in my heart for!

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