I just got off the phone with Senator Bob Corker’s Office. I am preparing a Document for them to be submitted to the United States Department of Justice for a Criminality Review. For all Contractors whom HAVE EVER been defrauded by Members or Non Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, I need your information NOW!

This is inclusive of the Active Cases I am working dealing with Safeguard Properties, A2Z Field Services, Berghorst Enterprises, Boyd Property Preservation, Asset Management Specialists, AltisourceCWIS LLC, Lender Processing Services and Mortgage Contracting Services. My opinions with respect to these firms is immaterial; the United States Department of Justice will review each and every instance now.

Send your email to:   Put DOJ REVIEW in the Subject Line. Even if you have submitted ISTAR Complaints, resubmit your information, whom you worked for, prices owed and have your Work Orders in one area for transmittal to the United States Department of Justice.

We get one shot at this. Spread this Post EVERYWHERE! Tell current and former Contractors to get their information in NOW! If you do not go on the record with the United States Department of Justice Foreclosurepedia WILL NOT HELP YOU! I am wasting too much valuable time chasing ghosts!

This is the first time in the history of the Property Preservation Industry that Contractors will have an opportunity to place their issues in front of the US Government. For those Order Mills whom have been defrauded as well, I will forward your information along as it serves a greater good in this situation.


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