Hurricane Florence Homeowner Direct Assistance

IAFST Provides Direct Services To Homeowners and Investors

The International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST), the Premiere Mortgage Field Services Industry Trade Association, has announced the staging of Rapid Deployment Teams throughout the Hurricane Florence impact areas. As often is the case, homeowners struggle with the capability of obtaining and hiring personnel to immediately address issues such as fallen trees, debris removal, and the pumping of basements. With three Hurricanes under our belt, the IAFST operates seamlessly and offers payment terms in cash, credit card, and insurance claim payments.

Have you watched as every home around yours is serviced and no matter what the cost crews will not accommodate your needs? So have we and we decided to level the playing field. Our Teams have provided disaster services to Financial Institutions, the US Government, and Hedge Fund Investors for years. Our Teams are self contained and capable of not only servicing immediate health and safety needs, but also preparing and fulfilling full restoration services. We are capable of accepting Terms of Payment on the spot regardless of whether power or internet is present including credit card payments.

Why wait for security issues and dangerous issues such as mold to begin to impact the largest investment of your life? IAFST personnel are already staging from West Virginia to the Coast and south throughout the coastal areas including Virginia, North and South Carolina, and Georgia, with equipment, manpower, and materials. Don’t put it off until tomorrow, reach out to the professionals the US have trusted for years, TODAY!

If you are a homeowner, property manager, or investor and need immediate assistance,

simply fill out the below form and we will respond within 24 hours!


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