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Dynamex Begins Long Process Of Litigation Against Everyone Including NAMFS

For years, National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) members have been accused of unfair competition within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. In fact, an entire vocabulary has emerged surrounding how NAMFS members have, in a calculated manner, defrauded Minority Females and Labor over the past several decades. Terms like Unfair Competition, the same language used in a recent post Dynamex case, come to mind. In Diva Limousine v. Uberthe proposed class-action lawsuit appears to rely on a recently decided California Supreme Court decision, in Dynamex, that makes it more difficult for companies to unilaterally declare their workers as contractors, which effectively deprives them of benefits that they would otherwise receive as employees.

For those out there whom believe that NAMFS is just another middle of the road, innocuous trade association, let me walk you down memory lane. Carol Boyd, a huge Eric Miller and NAMFS Bronze Level donator, defrauded tens of thousands of dollars from firefighters and disabled combat veterans. Miller is the NAMFS Executive Director whom is paid over One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollars per year. Publicly accused of election fraud by a former NAMFS member whom ran against he, Miller has been awarded multiple ten thousand dollars per year raises with absolutely no explanation. When Miller refused to address the issue, Boyd sent out yet more checks that bounced. A simple background check would have revealed that Boyd had tax liens against her and her properties.

Coming on the heels of Boyd was NAMFS Board Member and Secretary, Heather Berghorst. Berghorst, whom had already racked up a bankruptcy, proceeded to defraud over one million dollars from Minority Females and Labor. Miller, at all junctures, refused to sideline Berghorst and directly contributed to her continued ability to defraud by allowing Berghorst to maintain her standing and office even after Berghorst’s second bankruptcy.

Not to be outdone, Altisource and SEAS teamed up to defraud tens of millions of dollars from Minority Females and Labor. Spearheading the campaign were Patricia McTaggart, Altisource, and Robert Kapeluch, SEAS. Both NAMFS members and both brought to the attention of Eric Miller, nothing was ever done to investigate the matter.

Buczek Enterprises operated by Dan, Adam, and Amanda Buczek and currently under investigation for welfare fraud by the Erie County Government, defrauded yet more millions along with National Field Network (NFN). Buczek Enterprises paid the first six figure settlement to Brad Hurst, for Employee Misclassification in 2010. NFN is currently undergoing an Involuntary Bankruptcy owing nearly TEN MILLION DOLLARS to Minority Females and Labor. So horrific is the level of financial terrorism unleashed by Jack Jaffa and Shari Nott, they have both been served with federal subpoenas to testify under oath.

MSI, Northsight Management, AIM Your Way, Safeguard Properties (SGP), Assurant Field Asset Services (now owned by Nationstar), Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) — the NAMFS membership rolls read like a Who’s Who of RICO based conspiracies committed against Minority Females and Labor over the years. And the settlements paid out are in the eight figures including the Employee Misclassification settlements and jury awards in the tens of millions of dollars.

For years, NAMFS members have attempted to legislate away labor rights by and through gargantuan Master Services Agreements (MSA). When MCS paid a multi-million dollar settlement in the Vinson case, all MCS did was add more legalese forbidding class action rights. Curious about the amount of time that NAMFS has dedicated to Employee Misclassification? One hour. That’s right. As the NAMFS Rank and File have millions of dollars in fines levied against them by the California Employment Development Department (EDD), the NAMFS Board of Directors, by and through Eric Miller, have informed their Membership to contact them and NAMFS,

[…] will attempt to put parties in contact with each other should you be experiencing any of these issues.

Really? A ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLAR PER YEAR SALARY pays for Miller to hook people up with each other and not a single advocacy effort on behalf of those whom pay the salary. This isn’t anything new. Many will remember when Eric Miller and the NAMFS Board of Directors kept confidential how a NAMFS Associate Member named Vicki Boser committed wire fraud, amongst other crimes, when it came to fraudulently billing for insurance policies by and through InsuranceTek. For nearly six months, Miller refused to inform NAMFS members and the general public, about these crimes and only went public after Foreclosurepedia began working with the Washington State Insurance Commissioner’s office.

Mr. Williams,

We did indeed investigate InsuranceTek and Vicki Boser and took action against both entities:  Order 17-0014 – licenses suspended pending revocation.We are in the process of revoking both licenses, which will happen this month. You will be able to find the revocation orders here when they are available: Order 17-0013.

In addition, we are referring both entities to our Criminal Investigations Unit, which investigates criminal insurance fraud in Washington state.

In the meantime, Ms. Boser and InsuranceTek are no longer legally able to conduct insurance business in Washington state.

Who could ever forget Dean Counce? US Secret Service and other law enforcement agencies convicted Counce to 97 months, or a little more than eight years. Moody also ordered Counce, 42, to pay nearly $12.8 million in restitution to Bank of America. Here is the kicker and I want folks to see if this STILL sounds familiar,

When a new request came in, Counce directed his inspectors to visit the property and take a number of photographs, far more than necessary for a single report. He asked other employees […] to use the photos for subsequent reports.

Curious where Dean Counce works today? According to LinkedIn, Counce is at United Mortgage Field Services LLC. He is the CEO. EIGHT YEARS IN PRISON and back in the game like nothing happened! Main reason that Counce is allowed to skate is he is NOT a Minority Female nor a Member of Labor. Counce hit the bricks, again, in 2017.

When it comes to legal rulings, consent decrees from state attorneys general, and the breaching of tens of thousands of addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, and banking information, no Industry comes close to that which is overseen by NAMFS. And when it comes to passing the buck, NAMFS, along with their surrogates, have the perp walk down pat. What boggles my mind is how anyone could ever believe that there is not a problem with NAMFS as a federal non profit entity regulated under IRS 501(c)(6). Foreclosurepedia has had to continuously file IRS 13909 Complaints, including the one last week, in order to view the NAMFS IRS 990 tax return ordered, in accordance with federal law, to be produced upon request.

Society has become so anesthetized by theft with a pen that we believe it is the cost of simply being an American. And when people stand up against that which Associations with ALL WHITE BOARD MEMBERS such as NAMFS has had since its inception, they are labeled agitators. I, for one, am proud of that label. And after years of financial terrorism, Minority Females and Labor are uniting as one; MInority Females and Labor are taking a stand against Eric Miller and NAMFS.

For those whom believe that Foreclosurepedia might tend to use colorful flourish and literary license with respect to describing the nearly $100 Million in monies defrauded from Minority Females, Labor, and Homeowners, I suggest that you take the time to speak with the thousands of victims which the Miller Regime has silenced over the years. For those of you out there whom will gladly trade your silence for the ability to continue to make egregious profits upon the backs of your fellow man, make no mistake that both Google and Foreclosurepedia have a long; a very long, memory!

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