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HUD M&M 3.5: La Rosa Contacts

We have been working for awhile on the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Marketing and Management (M&M) 3.5 fiasco. Recently, La Rosa Realty has become involved with a prominent position. This Brief has been circulated amongst best and final candidates. We would like to speak with anyone, on or off the record, with respect to this. We are hoping to get some insight as some of it is rather mind boggling.

Many Brokers; readers of Foreclosurepedia, have been brave enough to come forward on an assortment of issues which we are working on. At the end of the day, the outcome of HUD M&M 3.5 will have a catastrophic effect upon you and we all know that. HUD 3.7 is simply the head of the Hydra which has already begun growing.

It is common knowledge that the monies used to put together an Action like this would be substantial. To take the matter the full race; to bankroll the operation, will require even more substantial capital.

Foreclosurepedia is supportive of the overall concept which La Rosa is putting forward. We would like to further the cause in any way that we can. Fundamentally, even though Matt Martin Real Estate Management (MMREM) stands to gain, we have concerns with the potential Awarding of HUD M&M 3.5 to BLB Resources. While Foreclosurepedia’s Official Position is that both BLB Resources and MMREM should be required to recertify and we believe they very well may have to, our support of the La Rosa matter is guided by a separate philosophy.

If you have any information, please reach out to us. I will personally guarantee your anonymity. I will create proxy servers, if necessary, and provide a set of Encryption Keys and assist in your implementation. At the end of the day, Foreclosurepedia wants what each and every American wants: Honor in the Industry. Help us help you!

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