How Larry Harris Helped The Defense Of National Field Network

Larry Harris Found Not To Have Paid Labor. Harris' New Attraction To Walter Cole May Be A Marriage Breaker.

When Larry Harris, owner of Allied Field Tech LLC, in Sheridan, Arkansas, teamed up with Walter Cole, owner of The Cole Team, three letters came to mind — BFF. Best Friends Forever. And when Larry Harris found out that Walter Cole had the Deal of the Century going on with National Field Network, Larry saw a way out of his own debt. Larry and Walt are both involved in an enormous Involuntary Bankruptcy which I assisted in masterminding upon Shari Nott and Jack Jaffa. Whom are they? Glad you asked. Nott and Jaffa own National Management and Preservation Services LLC dba National Field Network (NFN). And for years — all the way back to 2014 — we have been reporting upon the fraud which Nott and Jaffa have unleashed upon the innocent Minority Females and Labor within the Industry. It was not only the fraud which was wrought upon innocent victims, but the subsequent atrocities which occurred as multiple layers of order mills began defrauding those on the ground when they could no longer pay. You see, that is how it always has been. Order Mills protecting each other and hanging the innocent victims out to dry. Day in and day out, week after week and month after month, people like Larry Harris and Walter Cole have stuck it to the very people whom made them money. Don’t take my word for it, listen to what Peter Metsch had to say about Larry Harris, owner of Allied Field Tech LLC,

Warning this company does not meet financial obligations. They hire under 1099 and then do not pay their vendors. — Peter Metsch, March, 2018

So, how does a company like Allied Field Tech LLC actually end up allegedly being owed over $100,000? I say allegedly as Larry Harris certainly strikes me like a False Flag of epic proportions. Good ‘ol Larry hit the scene only a year ago, in March of 2017. He formed his company in Sheridan, Arkansas, and would have appeared to hit the ground running with NFN. Federal court records imply Allied Field Tech LLC is owed $118, 276.36 from NFN. With that said, though, Harris has thrown numbers around that the debt is actually well over $300,000. Uh huh.

What is missing is the record of Harris ever taking a single step in order to protect himself or those whom worked for him. No, the Harris adventure is a Walter Cole production plain and simple. And I know many of you have asked how that all played out so let me walk you through it. On 06 March 2018 — only months from the time young Larry Harris opened his company by the way — George Terebinsky reached out to me and requested that I assemble victims to participate in the Involuntary Bankruptcy.

By the 15th of March, Walter Cole had stepped in and realizing that he and George did not have enough money to fund the litigation, I brought forth yet another victim to assist. Bear in mind that there are over 829 pages of emails and hundreds of victims. Walter Cole SPECIFICALLY stated that they would all benefit by turning over their evidence.

What is material is the fact that Cole, Terebinsky, et al. agreed to share the depositions with ALL victims, as well as Foreclosurepedia, to ensure justice occurred. In fact, by 19 September 2018, Cole reached out to Foreclosurepedia inviting us to participate in authoring deposition questions against Shari Nott,

By the 23rd, Walt was in high gear — high from both an altitude point-of-view as well as drunk with power. Only problem was that he didn’t have a printer,

And then the crash came. Walter was already running into financial problems from his wife, Elizabeth Cole’s spinal surgery. A major setback came when Walt’s wife had to reach out to me as Walter had paid out monies on a vacation rental which turned out to be a Nigerian Craigslist scam back in July of that year. Walter was a fish out of water. The recordings of his willingness to throw anyone and everyone under the bus — which will be released tomorrow — in a joint operation with Tommy Novak, President of ABBA Construction, were the epitome of grasping at straws. Here is an example of precisely what kind of shitshow Cole and Novak were running when it came to the recent Hurricanes Florence and Michael,

And it was not simply myself whom was uncomfortable with the potential fraud looming on the horizon with respect to Walter Cole and ABBA Construction. Here a homeowner voiced her concerns, after reaching out directly to Foreclosurepedia,

This has been Part I. I am hopeful that cooler heads prevail. Foreclosurepedia will always be a Friend of Labor!


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