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Texas Based Alpha Omega Preservation Continues Downward Spiral

Kevin Harrison, owner of Texas based Alpha Omega Preservation, appears to have been scraping pennies together in order to stay afloat in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. And while normally it is misclassified employees performing field services whom come forward, hourly paid, domestic based processors are the victims of Kevin and Tiffany Harrison. And in the instant case, it boggles the mind why a company would risk Prime Vendor status with firms like A2Z Field Services, Mortgage Contracting Services, National Field Representatives, and ZVN Properties.

Kevin, Tiffany, and Suzanne operate Alpha Omega Preservation. And regardless of Kevin’s statements to have been in operation for over seven years, the legal reality is that Harrison and his two sidekicks have only possessed a Texas License since 2016.

What Foreclosurepedia and others do not understand is why a company would risk losing multiple contracts over $140. That answer came as Foreclosurepedia began to get confirmation that Alpha Omega Preservation had stiffed yet another domestic based processor.

To make matters worse, Alpha Omega is listed as Not Secure by Google,

We will stay on top of this story as well as dig deeper into precisely whom is giving Alpha Omega Preservation work. If those Clients are wanting to remain part of the problem, instead of the solution, Foreclosurepedia will gladly add them to the Black List along with Alpha Omega.

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