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How Jack Jaffa and NFN Violated the False Claims Act and its Reverse Provisions

The Latin phrase res ipsa loquitur means “the thing speaks for itself.”  In tort law, res ipsa loquitur applies in cases where the court can assume someone acted negligently based on how the plaintiff’s injury occurred. When it comes to how National Field Network (NFN) operated since 2014, criminal is the only descriptive word which comes to mind. The devious nature in which not only the true ownership of NFN was concealed, but the looting of NFN’s coffers by Shari Nott, Chris Crandell, and NFN’s owner Jack Jaffa, paint a picture which is exceedingly the norm over the past several years when it comes to National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) members.

Creeping decimalism. That is the term I use when it comes to using monies Minority Females and Labor are owed and their money is used like a piggy bank. The decimal is always moving in the wrong direction when it comes to paying what is owed. Problem is that when NAMFS members break open that piggy bank, they never reseal it and replace the money — not that they should steal the money to begin with.

As many know, the Debtor’s Committee was recently seated by the US Bankruptcy Court to address the NFN Involuntary Bankruptcy. Details are still cloaked; however, what we do know is that we are getting closer to knowing the inner sanctum of what was going on under the cover of darkness. And we also know that both Fannie Mae and Reverse Mortgage Solutions are on edge as this litigation is not the normal ho hum and you cannot pierce the corporate veil litigation. As details begin to emerge, Foreclosurepedia will keep you in the loop. With that said, anyone whom believes that chargebacks are not going to be discussed have lost their mind.

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On another note, we also know that the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Management and Marketing (M&M) Field Service Manager (FSM) contracts are being closely looked at by far more than PK Management. We have been working closely with several Clients whom are interested in making a run on it and while it is not the best contract, in my opinion, to run on, there are millions up for grabs. Additionally, with Fannie Mae’s CEO resigning, the new guard have already been tacitly making new inroads with many at the Regional and below levels.

If you are interested in creating new contractual relationships, now is the time. It takes only an email to begin the process. Reach out today!

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