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Cathy Baker Allows PK Management To Violate SCA Pay Requirements

If you are working with PK Management, you are an enemy of Minority Females and Labor. We will expose you just like we did those whom refused to take a stand against National Field Network. All of those Misclassified Employees are listed here and should never again be allowed to work in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Now, let’s get to the why. When Cathy Baker was appointed as the Director of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development‘s (HUD) Management and Marketing (M&M) program, many were concerned about Baker’s close relationship with many of the #Fraudsters and Mortgage Field Services Industry actors. Turns out they had damn good reason to be. Pedro Kolychkine founded PK Management (PKMG) with Boris Whiteside, a former high level HUD official whose unfettered access to HUD Contracting opened doors which are never opened for Minority Females or Labor. And every since then, Pedro has been running a Third World Coup factory down in Doral, Florida, protected by Atlanta HUD. Hit for tens of thousands of dollars by the US Department of Labor for refusing to pay his employees, Pedro is back at it again refusing to pay Minority Females and Labor in accordance with the Service Contract Act (SCA). One of the reasons may be the amount of money he is having to funnel to a woman dangling from his arm, Lina Carvajal. Carvajal, a woman young enough to be a daughter, is probably costing him a fortune in Viagra.

In fact, HUD’s arbitrary and capricious award to PKMG of over half the HUD M&M Field Service Management (FSM) contracts to PKMG demonstrated, yet again, that neither the appointment of Baker as Director of the HUD M&M nor Ben Carson as Secretary of HUD were wise choices. And now Les Sternberg is joining ranks with Al Martinez and Pedro Kolychkine to violate the rights of Minority Females and Labor in refusing to pay them in accordance with the Service Contract Act (SCA) Prevailing Wage. The reality is that Pedro Kolychkine and his henchmen must be put in check.

Address: 8095 NW 12TH ST STE 400
DORAL, FL 33126-1844
Phone: 786-507-5020
Web Address:
DUNS: 608092305
NAICS: 541611

For years, Pedro Kolychkine has demonstrated his lack of appreciation for America, the land which adopted him with open arms. In fact, Kolychkine, like many foreign nationals, could not even spell the name of his company when he attempted to found it using Juan Sanchez as a lawyer in 2005.

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And then several years later, after multiple moves from Key Biscayne, to Miami, and then to Doral, good ‘ol Pedro scampered off to Washington DC to have his company renamed, yet again,

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Foreign nationals have begun overrunning the United States and are financing their MS 13 narcotics trafficking and suicide bombings upon our honorable men and women in our Armed Forces with Awards like the HUD M&M program. In fact, when Pedro Kolychkine was no longer eligible to continue stealing money from HUD and the US Taxpayers, they teamed up with Nigerian born Tony Chinye. And if you thought that Market Ready and Purdy Enterprise were colluding, you really have to ask about Strategic Alliance Management JV, LLC (SAMJV). SAMJV knocks it out of the park Manchester, England, style. HUD ever anticipated allowing a Vampire Squid conglomerate like PK Management to parade a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) around by the nose and call it a legitimate Joint Venture. That is precisely what has happened, though. Chinye, owner and founder of Chinye & Company, CPA, PA, established in 1994, down in Florida, cooked up a great scheme. Chinye and PK Management christened the firm as Strategic Alliance Management JV, LLC in 2014. And what a carpet bagging piece of work it was!

So, on 26 February 2014, Chinye spun up SAMJV as a front for PK Management. It was the Nigerian Connection that even made the Mob blush! As seen above, by 2015, PK Management already had their claws deeply dug into Chinye. Chinye is an interesting fellow, to say the least, in that he has absolutely ZERO HISTORY in the Mortgage Field Services Industry. Are you curious whom Chinye is hooked up with? The Foundation for Democracy in Africa. Now, I am for Democracy as are most Americans. Let’s take a look, though, at one of the conferences Chinye attended, the AfrICANDO Trade and Investment Symposium.

Nigeria. Terrorism. The birthplace of the internet scams defrauding the elderly. And yet another foreign national sucking on the tit of HUD funneling monies to the Gods know where. More on point, though, Chinye doesn’t even have a real office. How in the hell did HUD ever approve the M&M FSM SAMJV Contract?

It gets better, though, for the first time in the known history of EPA Contracting, the EPA protested — to no avail — the award of its contract to PK Management,

EPA appealed SBA’s issuance of the COC to PK, again challenging PK’s responsibility. See Letter from Contracting Officer to SBA, July 17, 2012. On appeal, EPA limited its concerns with PK’s bid to two issues, namely, that PK’s work references failed to demonstrate sufficient prime contractor remediation efforts, and that PK’s key personnel resumes lacked minimum required experience. See Memorandum from Contracting Officer to SBA, July 17, 2012. When SBA denied EPA’s appeal of the issuance of the COC, see Memorandum of the Headquarters Certificate of Competency (COC) Review Committee Recommendation, EPA then made award to PK, and this protest followed.

And now HUD — read the apparently bribed Cathy Baker recently appointed as Director of the HUD M&M program — has awarded yet more hundreds of millions of dollars to PK Management WITH ZERO COMPETITION. And keeping it real, everyone was terrified to say a word.

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When HUD realized that PK Management was not doing there job, the LAST THING they should have done is conspire to allow yet more monies to be siphoned off. While this is important, unilaterally awarding enormous swaths of HUD contracting, without open and fair competition, borders upon treason. There are no other words for it.

Minority Females and Labor deserve to be paid and paid in accordance with the Service Contract Act (SCA). Simply being African American should not deprive one of their right to equal pay; however, Cathy J Baker, the HUD M&M Director, appears to disagree. Baker would appear to believe that from her HUD Ft Worth Office calling shots upon the HUD Atlanta Office, she has not only the ability but the RIGHT to destroy lives and violate the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR).  I am here to tell you that like stink on shit, Foreclosurepedia is on Baker. If HUD thought they had seen Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests in the past, they have seen nothing.

And when we begin to take a long, hard look at the others whom DID NOT file an objection to the unilateral awards issued by Cathy J Baker, closer scrutiny is being made. Word on the bricks is that in the same way in which financial institutions pay each other NOT to bid on projects with an understanding that they will be paid well, so to the opinion is that the current HUD M&M FSM awardees may be silent due to the same.

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