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How Eric Miller Bled Labor Dry To Pay His $138K Annual Salary

As NAMFS Rakes In Profits Labor Foots The Bill For Eric Miller

For the unrepresented members of Labor, believing the rhetoric emitted from the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) is risky. While few have enough to break even listening to Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director or Matt Zoldowski, NAMFS President, they continue risking it all betting on NAMFS, as most stand little chance of even paying their tax. The Mortgage Field Services Industry is virtually impossible to grasp from a technical perspective and filled with all manner of fraudsters willing to say and do whatever it takes to remove Labor from their money. And the latest round of rhetoric coming from NAMFS about concerns with respect to Industry pricing — the very same pricing they have supported for over 30 years — is comical as Miller and Zoldowski equate the value of Labor to $15 an hour. That is not a typo. NAMFS has been quite clear that Labor is worth $15 an hour no matter what the expenses are; no matter what the profit is; and for the first time have brought full circle the argument for employee misclassification.

When estimating the potential monetary value of working for a NAMFS member, there are three critical questions: how many allowables are on the work order; what is the volume of those work orders; and when will one be paid? While all three are important, the last one is often the strongest determinant of legitimacy. How NAMFS members pay for services dictates the ability to operate.

On the less opaque side of NAMFS member work orders operate lie inspections. You know precisely what the expenses are; you know precisely how much it will cost to perform them; and the risk is fairly low. In fact, to show you the lunacy of how NAMFS members attempt to seduce Labor, NAMFS member Spectrum Field Services recently applauded themselves by informing Labor that even though there had been no pay raises in over thirty years and fuel was at all time ever highs, they could utilize apps like Gas Guru to save money and make profit. Coming on the heels of that slap in the fact to Labor was Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) and their Memo 1950. Memo 1950 used words like socio-economic challenges, tremendous resolve, fervently discussing, and tenacious pursuit in order to congratulate themselves on lip service without paying a single dime and still continuing to pay tens of millions of dollars to top heavy C Level personnel.

Fuck them. Fuck them all! Candidly, they do not give two shits about Labor and any NAMFS member whom says otherwise is full of even more shit than Miller and Zoldowsky!

Normally, I would delve deeply into the statistics and cite quotes from the NAMFS Fraudsters to encourage Labor in uniting against this Axis of Evil which has had the protection of US government agencies and government sponsored entities for decades. Not today. Today, I call upon Labor to cast off the yoke, which over SEVENTY PERCENT OF LABOR already has. That, as well, is not a typo. Both Miller and Zoldowsky admit in their presentation that there has been a 70% attrition rate — meaning that 70 percent of all Labor has left this God forsaken Industry. Now is not the time for circling the wagons to protect NAMFS and their unholy horde of profits, now is the time for Labor to close ranks and unify under the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST).

The IAFST, a Labor-centric Industry Trade Association, recently sent its Memo to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development’s SH Housing. The IAFST has hinged pricing to the CPI, which represents true inflation, and not COLA which NAMFS did. And the IAFST has fought tirelessly to recover millions of dollars for Labor, including spearheading the NFN Involuntary Bankruptcy, while NAMFS members continued to say they did not owe a dime!

If you want better pay, organize under the IAFST. If you want less paperwork and a unified work order, organize under the IAFST. And the next time the chargebacks and zero pay begins — as we are hearing are happening at MCS — do not contact Foreclosurepedia unless you have organized under the IAFST!

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