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As Wells Fargo Corrects Their Mistake NAMFS Members Refuse Fuel Surcharging

After over a week of Foreclosurepedia’s publication on Wells Fargo and Altisource’s demands for COVID 19 vaccination, the policy has finally been rescinded. And while National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) members continue to refuse fuel surcharging, today even Uber announced it is implementing a first-of-its-kind fuel surcharge to offset the rising costs for its U.S. drivers. In fact, many NAMFS members have been wondering why Eric Miller, the NAMFS Executive Director whom pockets over $138,000 a year, has not said a public word yet. The only thing which Miller has been involved in is a slush fund campaign which, in nearly a year, has only netted $39,850 — when subtracting the original $10,000 NAMFS used to prime the pump. And according to IRS records, NAMFS, which is a non profit organization, has failed to file tax returns since 2019. With the departure of former NAMFS Treasurer, Paul Magaha, and the installment of Caren Gates, the opacity of NAMFS finances has gone from transparent to completely obscured. Gates, a supply chain executive according to her LinkedIn profile, appears to be a Senior Vice President at Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS). That’s right, the very same MCS which recently went belly up on over half a billion dollars of outstanding debt and had to sell out to Littlejohn.

When it comes to NAMFS attempting to get increases in pay for themselves, they would do well to listen to Uber, whom had this to say,

We know drivers and couriers are feeling the sting of record-high prices at the pump, so we’re rolling out a temporary fuel surcharge to help,” said Liza Winship, Uber’s head of driver operations for the United States and Canada, in a statement. “This consumer surcharge will apply to each ride or delivery and will vary by location, with 100% going directly to drivers and couriers.”

Uber emphasized that the fees were not intended to cover the cost of filling up itself — but rather to offset the increases for the time being. Uber does not cover the cost of gas, vehicle maintenance or wear-and-tear that might be associated with the mileage its drivers register while using the app.

The problem, though, is that many NAMFS members have a hard boiled profit margin they must meet in order to service their own debt. Any price increase which does not flow to Labor completely is a complete show stopper. With inflation at 40 year highs — it just hit 7.9% Friday — the reality is the $3 inspections Miller and his Regime like to roll out have over 30 years of catching up to do. Moreover, though, here is how one Client put it to me, which is extremely telling,

ServiceLink is trying to do something with a rate increase. Their concern is Safeguard Properties will try to take clients on lower rates. Sandcastle would not do anything. They stated they have a signed agreement preventing them from raising prices.

When you have an Industry where it is well known that the Contracts are controlled by those whom will gladly backstab the very Labor that makes them money, you know it is time to make some fundamental changes. The reality is that without Labor, Management is incapable of making a single penny. Now is the time to begin working with Labor centric organizations like the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST). Now is the time to begin participating in Roundtable discussions like the one Foreclosurepedia is hosting tomorrow. And NOW is the time to just say NO to slave wages!

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