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Heather Berghorst: Conflict Of Interest With Attorney

Heather Berghorst, disgraced former National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Secretary recently filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Michigan. No surprise as Foreclosurepedia opined that as early as August of 2013, Berghorst’s ship was unsustainable and heading for financial insolvency. What is material, though, is the fact that the hiring of A. Todd Almassian to push her illicit agenda. Why do I say this? It has come to the attention of Foreclosurepedia that Almassian actually had a legal relationship with Contractors whom were attempting to sue Berghorst for fraud.

[Redacted] & I sat with [A. Todd] Almassan in the beginning when we were attempting to go after Heather – Unfortunately there are only a handful of bankruptcy attorneys in Michigan and he is one of them – He also told us it would be to difficult to go after them since the invoices would be to many to small – I will however put a few minutes into researching whether or not they CAN represent Heather since they have already gone over this with us??!

Wow. So here we have Berghorst’s lawyer spinning the tale — understand this is a LEGAL OPINION in the Capacity as Counsel — that Berghorst was untouchable. Then, Almassian turns around and gets all Rambo on moving Berghorst into the position of not having to pay a single dime to the very people she committed the financial atrocities against. This is troubling, to say the least. At best, it pushes the boundaries of Counsel’s Canons of Ethics. At worst, depending upon when Berghorst engaged Almassian in any way, shape or form it may merit entry of the State Bar of Michigan. Foreclosurepedia invites Almassian and Berghorst to reach out and discuss what has become a lightning rod within the Mortgage Field Services Industry and we additionally invite the National Association of Mortgage Field Services to discuss the reason for or against Ethics Hearings against Heather Berghorst.

Gotta wonder about that Chicago Condo, don’t you?!

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