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Google Hangout: Is Your Company Getting Exposure?

G Plus Hangouts

Procas wrote a GREAT Piece on Google Hangouts:  What if … You could instantly demonstrate your new product to anyone in the world without ever leaving your office? Or, walk a client through a tricky service problem and record your session? What do you say; want to Hangout?

Google is an amazing company that continues to create products that make business better. One of those products is Google Plus (G+) Hangouts. Procas introduced the product earlier and now want to look at it in more depth.

First, a few basics about Google+:

  • Set up an account as either an individual or as a business, similar to Facebook.
  • Once a member, you can develop Circles, which are groups that you design (similar to Facebook friends). For instance, you can have a circle of clients, a different one of government contacts, another for commercial contacts,a fourth for prospects, and so on.
  • G+ also has an extensive assortment of Communities (similar to LinkedIn groups), which can be public or private. Whether you join an established group or start one or more of your own, it is an easy way to exponentially expand your market.
  • Post content is owned by you or your company and will show up in Google searches.
  • Events can automatically be included into your calendar and into those of interested parties.

Which brings us to … Hangouts.

Hangout is one of the most powerful features for businesses of all kinds, all sizes. At its core, a Hangout is a video conference in which you can broadcast live or record for future playback. Here’s a few example of ways companies are using Hangouts:

  1. Mobile Meetings – When staff are in different locations, they can quickly put together “face-to-face” video chats to resolve issues. You can also do the same with clients or prospects.
  2. Introduce New Products or Features – When you’ve got something exciting to share with your market, SHOW it. Don’t simply write about it.
  3. Training Videos – Reducing the amount of time you spend solving basic issues over and over means money in your pocket in terms of reduced support staff time.
  4. Conduct Interviews – With satisfied clients, industry influence leaders, employees or anyone else, who can help you expand delivery of your message.
  5. Share Documents – With anyone, anywhere, who is watching.
  6. Host Conferences – This a big. You can:

–  Involve up to 10 participants to talk, be part of a panel, etc.

–  Broadcast LIVE during the conference to anyone in the world – no limits.

–  Record your session for future playback on your YouTube channel, company

blog or website, send links to said videos, you name it.

Hopefully, your mind is now racing with possibilities. But, how do you get started? Here are some links to get you up and running in a hurry:

Business is about connections … Sales … Management … Customer Service. Video conferencing make every one of those connections more powerful, and Google has now made it incredibly simple.

What more can you ask?

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