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Go Woke, Go Broke: How the Industry Invested in DEI with Labor’s Money

Eric Miller's Age Plays Role in NAMFS Collapse

When Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS) was gobbled up by Littlejohn & Co., a boutique vulture capitalist fund in Bridgeport, CT, no one was thinking about how the interest default of nearly half a billion dollars in loans by MCS bettered the lives of homosexuals. And when MCS rolled out their woke DEI policy recently, the costs have begun taking a larger chunk out of profits than before. Littlejohn’s DEI policy, though, placed them straight in the crosshairs of conservatives and Labor alike. Specifically, Littlejohn adopted The Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact. More on that, in a moment.

To put all this into view, in the meantime, here is what the Washington Post had to say last week,

One year after the Supreme Court struck down race-based admissions at Harvard and other schools, court rulings have forced the removal of racial preferences from two major covid relief programs, a federal contracting program that doles out $20 billion a year, and even the U.S. Minority Business Development Agency, a 55-year-old agency that was ordered in March to open its doors to all races. Meanwhile, private companies are acting preemptively, seeking to avoid litigation by terminating fellowships and executive bonus programs aimed at employing minorities.

And to be even more clear on the nationwide reversal on DEI, here is how NPR put it when it came to Tractor Supply Company (TSC),

Tractor Supply Company, which bills itself as the largest rural lifestyle retailer in the U.S., will eliminate its diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) roles, withdraw its carbon emissions goals and stop sponsoring Pride events in response to criticism from conservative activists.

TSC isn’t the only Fortune 500 company facing the backlash of hardworking Americans currently being targeted by far left woke policies. At the recent National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Annual Conference, the NAMFS Board of Directors approved the support of Gender Identity and along with NAMFS Membership, physically volunteered with Refresh North Texas. Seems innocuous, right, keeping proper hygiene for the kids? The problem presents when you actually read their website’s agenda of gender identity,

And while the collapse of NAMFS began several years ago, Eric Miller, NAMFS Executive Director’s hanging of their future on gender identity is yet another nail in their coffin. It gets better, though. It appears to be an industry-wide move. Take, for example, the choice of MCS to advocate for homosexuals, minorities, and left leaning interests over the very Labor that pays the bills. It is a suicide mission of epic, financial proportions, regardless of the wheelchair logo that MCS has cooked up. That logo is seen to the right and located here. The movement of MCS into both a potentially anti-trust buying market within our Industry as well as an enormous movement into employee-based services makes they and Littlejohn large targets on the conservative radar.

The reality is that the small circle of loyalists advising the Miller Regime have failed him, completely. And similar to the recently publicized infirmities of President Biden, keeping the NAMFS Executive Director Eric Miller out of the public eye has thus far worked. Both NAMFS and the National Association of Default Professionals (NADP) appear to have a lockdown on what and how Miller is allowed to publicly appear. And when it comes to unscripted social media or Association commentary, it has been missing for over a year, now. The distancing of Verisk, the firm that bought Property Preservation Wizard from NAMFS President Matt Zoldowski, from Miller has been palpable. Moreover, though, many are beginning to question whether or not Miller has the stamina to perform, in light of his age and the decade plus long iron grip control over NAMFS.

Whether or not DEI and ESG goals are even constitutional has been challenged successfully as high as the Supreme Court. The question that presents is whether or not Labor will continue to perform $5.90 inspections to ensure the continued funding for left wing, woke policies — especially that of gender identity which NAMFS champions. After all, with the typical fast food job paying nearly $20 an hour, who Labor works for is now their choice, more than ever.

Paul Williams
Paul Williams
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