Former NAMFS Shotcaller Mickey Snow Bond Revoked

Former NAMFS Kingpin Mickey Dale Snow Loses Pretrial Bond and Jailed.

#OpDeathEaters — As early as late 2012, Foreclosurepedia was unwrapping the cesspool and the praise of which the Mortgage Field Services Industry had tacitly showered upon MICKEY DALE SNOW and Snow Enterprises. To be clear, just about the only National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Member whom would NOT fuck with Snow and his shakedown racket was A2Z Field Services, according to Mitch Davidson, Purdy Enterprise Chief Operating Officer, in conversations with Foreclosurepedia. Going all the way back to some of the original US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Contracts, Snow’s proclivity for both illegal business deals and illegal minors rang big and bold for those whom chose to observe. Foreclosurepedia has since been covering the horrific details, for the past two years, in an Ongoing Foreclosurepedia Exclusive Series. Foreclosurepedia was the first to report upon Snow’s victims being both under aged females and handicapped. We reported upon Snow employing the mother of the victims whom traded her daughters to be raped for rent. And we were the first to report upon Snow’s felony conviction for arson in a scheme to make money. And where was Eric Miller, the NAMFS Executive Director, and his Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS) background checks? Yeah, out collecting that $120,000+ annual salary while these children were brutally and savagely raped. Hey, who cares, though, right? As long as Miller & Co. get their cut, to hell with the consequences. That is why I hold Eric Miller PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for these rapes. He brought forward a background check system that DID NOT WORK! And it continues to not work to this day.

Fact of the matter is that several years back I had the opportunity to speak with Snow’s former Operations Manager, whom later moved on to C Level staffing at Cityside — that is Cityside Management, a multiple HUD Management and Marketing (M&M) Field Service Manager (FSM) and Asset Manager (AM) Awardee, whom was recently forced to pay over $4.3 Million for defrauding the US Government by the HUD Office of the Inspector General (OIG). Cityside has now exited the Mortgage Field Services Industry — well, until they create a new version of Cityside 2.0. I mean this is what NAMFS Members do day in and day out.

Where was the oversight by long time friend and confidant, Milan Thompson, CEO of ASONS, or Dave and Carolyn Ramagos of CWIS LLC? Those two companies, as well, were HUD M&M FSM Awardees. Anyone seeing a trend here?! Or, did they miss it at all? Here is what Thompson had to say about his friend MICKEY DALE SNOW,

[…] I am here to tell you that Mickey was my friend and I’d probably go visit his stupid butt in prison. I have many Mickey Snow stories and  all are positive. — Thompson to Foreclosurepedia

What we do know, for a fact, is that Snow was involved with bribery totalling well over $1 Million with respect to other HUD Contracts. In fact, here is what Snow’s former Operations Manager had to say about those bribes,

I have it all the way down to the deposit slips. Something is going to be done. I don’t know if some of us will get a good lawyer or what, but I do know his time will come. — Mickey Snow’s former Operations Manager.

Well, as Foreclosurepedia predicted, Snow violated his original $25 Million now $15 Million bail. He is currently being detained at the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Department lock up. This is what Sergeant Kevin Suthard had to say, to Foreclosurepedia today,

He is in our Jail current under no bond. Not sure of the next court date, last I heard it would be when they can bring it before the judge who issued the order. — SGT K Suthard, RCSD

To refresh everyone’s memory, Snow, the Child Rapist Extraordinaire; Snow, the man whom Milan Thompson, CEO of ASONS is Standing By His Man, appears to have gotten itchy feet.  When Snow’s attorneys originally requested a reduction in bond from the TWENTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS ordered after Mickey Snow and Somporn Tongsua made their International Flight From Justice tour to Thailand, one has to wonder whether or not he anticipated this. Here is what Mickey Snow had to say with respect to his original Bond Reduction Request,

In stating his case for the reduction, Snow claimed that his company, Snow Enterprises, had laid-off more than 1,000 employees throughout its operations in North Carolina, Florida and Kentucky.

What a fucking sham. Employees? See, just like in the Bowerman v Assurant Field Asset Services case, the misclassification of employees as independent contractors is the name of the game with NAMFS Members. I digress.

Cognitive dissonance is a term used, by many, to describe NAMFS Member behavior. Over the snow-and-attorniesyears, there aren’t too many NAMFS Prime Vendors whom have not been personally involved with and supportive of Snow. And while Snow was an international fugitive arrested in Thailand, while on the run with his on again off again wife Somporn Hewitt-Tongsua, even his son Russ was funnelling the cash to him directly. Tongsua, is the owner of Tongsua Property Management. And there is the irony, Snow’s wife is the one whom accompanied he to Florida, for alleged medical treatment, when he ran afoul of his terms of pretrial release on bond.


Now, whether knowingly or otherwise, there are some fairly serious questions to be raised with respect to the former Rockingham County Prosecutor, Craig Mitchell Blitzer and his relationship with Snow. Blitzer was the DA over the original criminal case against Snow. You see, in FY2014, Blitzer was given not One Thousand Dollars, but Two Thousand Dollars. Mickey Dale Snow and Snow’s daughter, Katrina, each donated One Thousand Dollars apiece. Now, to put this into perspective, in Q4 FY2014, the total amounts donated were $100. Snow, pretending to be a Florida resident, made his donation and Katrina, pretending to be a Real Estate Agent, set into motion where Blitzer is today. Moreover, though, Snow’s attorney Seth Woodall, chipped in FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS! That is SIXTY TIMES THE ENTIRE DONATION AMOUNT OF THE COUNTY!

It gets better, though. Curious where DA Blitzer is today? The North Carolina State Bar suspended the law license of former Rockingham County District Attorney Craig Blitzer on Thursday — more fallout from an SBI probe that led to his resignation and had him recently pleading guilty to what essentially amounted to misconduct. That’s right. Back in early March, Blitzer had to resign after SBI Agents raided his office. You see, the man whom Snow and his daughter had bankrolled to become the Rockingham County District Attorney, Blitzer, needed even more money. So, Blitzer conspired with Person/Caswell County District Attorney Wallace Bradsher to swap wives in order to obtain nearly $100,000 in unearned annual salaries. I mean you just cannot make this shit up!

What we now know for sure is that there was a pattern and practice of sexual harassment and labor violations ongoing at Snow Enterprises with the primary offender being MICKEY DALE SNOW, himself. So horrific were the labor violations that on several occasions the US Department of Labor (DoL) prosecuted and returned settlements on behalf of those whom were screwed over by Snow Enterprises. We spoke with several US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Prime Vendors whom had either MICKEY DALE SNOW as their Client or Tongsua Management which was run by SOMPORN TONGSUA HEWITT, as their Client. Both are one in the same. The obvious control of Tongsua Management was so crystal clear that only a blind person could miss it. The only people whom could not see the holes in the stories Porn was churning were those whom refused to perform due diligence upon those they hired — Nothing new amongst National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Members. And whom was that? Aspen Grove Solutions and their background checks.

And here is where I have to ask the obvious question: If all of my information is pretty much on Page One of a Google Search using MICKEY DALE SNOW as the Search Term, how in the fuck could any court issue bond?!

Michael Duncan and his wife are well versed in the Snow Dynasty peculiarities. In fact, it would appear that MICKEY DALE SNOW had been planning his escape for quite some time and has apparently begun to feel the squeeze which bank account seizures can create.

I used to work for Mickey Snow in Florida. Crook is an understatement. Him and Pon ask my wife to send money to Thailand for them. NO. He ask me to lie during a sexual harassment case. NO. There was video of the harassment, somehow disappeared. He bought the woman out basically for one years wages. There was a case in NC where he did the same thing. He told me of his conviction on burning his business in VA and arson conviction. He is such a crook it’s not funny. I quit very shortly after the sexual case here in FL. He was buying HUD houses here, in which he was not suppose to be able to buy them. Pon’s company was a cover that he told me about before ever opening. HMBI knew of his dealings as well. He told me he had the cops in Eden. He liked to tell me his bullshit for some reason.  Probably to make himself feel special.  Pon couldn’t even read or write English. They used her minority status for contracts. My wife tried to teach her to read and write.

During 2009 – 2010, MICKEY DALE SNOW began to realize that his fast and furious lifestyle was catching up with him. In fact, it was weighing heavily enough upon his mind that he asked Duncan to violate multiple state, federal and international laws,

As far as the money this was around 2009-2010 time frame. He wanted to hide money there, but knew the government would know if he did it.  He offered to pay me to wire money to an account in Thailand. He told me that he needed to hide money.

On precisely how and why MICKEY DALE SNOW set up minority fronts to illegally obtain contracts and profits, this is what Duncan had to say,

He asked if my wife would open a business, since my wife is Filipino, she could get minority contracts. He wanted to use us as a front. Of course we are ethical people and constantly said no. […] He told me he wouldn’t marry Pon [Somporn Tongsua Hewitt] because if he lost his contracts, he would open in her name and get minority status too.

We spoke earlier about Snow’s bagman and the HMBI deposit slips that the Source possesses dealing with Banking entries which covered the Account, Routing Numbers and names paid from MICKEY DALE SNOW to HMBI personnel and/or their proxies totaling well over EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS in bribes,

I forgot the guy at HMBI, I believe it was Gerald, but Mickey had him in his back pocket too. He later went on and opened another company.  Of course he screwed everybody that worked for him too.  Johanna and Kelly Leivi are twins that got burned on that deal. They worked for Mickey, and he sent them to work for Gerald.

With respect to the inhumane and at times illegal treatment of Snow Enterprises employees, Duncan stated,

The people I feel sorry for are the workers. He pays them shit wages, treats them like they are the lowest life form on the planet and expects the world from them. I did inspections in Florida for him, hired inspectors across the country, and reviewed inspection reports for him.  The only training anybody ever received was what I could explain over the phone to them.  I always thought there was a prevailing wage that would apply to these type contracts. I know most all contracts that I bid had to include the government and have a prevailing wage clause. Now that I think about it that may be something I should look into as well.

So, what we know for certain is that MICKEY DALE SNOW, in conjunction with SOMPORN TONGSUA HEWITT, owner of Tongsua Management which was a front for MICKEY DALE SNOW and by proxy Snow Enterprises. HEWITT is a Registered Republican in Ormond Beach, Volusia County, Florida. She registered to vote there on 01 October 2012 and only voted in the General Election of 2012 and 2014. Born in 1958, TONGSUA is no stranger about corruption as she grew up in Thailand. She and SNOW were both registered to vote at the same address in Florida which makes it a bit difficult to understand precisely how it was that several of the HUD Prime Vendors whom hired both Snow Enterprises and Tongsua Management were unable to connect the dots. And how was it that Aspen Grove Solutions (AGS), the best that NAMFS has to offer in technology, wasn’t able to catch what took me about 20 minutes?!

Here is the reality in Eden. Snow is going to appear at a hearing, quickly, to deal with his revocation of bond. I have every intention of attending that hearing and would love for anyone in the area to reach out to me whom would be willing to speak. I do not have to quote you by name. I am going to try to stay for several days; however, as my life has been threatened several times by Eden residents, without a safehouse, I am not sure what my timeline will be. People need to come forward. What used to be an incredible, quaint mountain town, a Garden of Eden, is no more. In fact, it was no Eden for those defenseless girls whom were prostituted by their mother to her former employer, MICKEY DALE SNOW, to be brutally raped.

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