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Foreclosurepedia Prepares For ISTAR Cloud Sync

As we discussed earlier this month, Foreclosurepedia is moving to the Cloud on several items such as the ISTAR Clear Base. Clear Base allows both Management and Labor to verify each other and their Standing within the Mortgage Field Services Industry. I went ahead and committed the funds from my Consulting to finance the Cloud Servers as I simply could not wait any longer. With that said, I am hopeful that by the end of the Labor Day Weekend, we will be up to speed and allow for the Public Release of the hundreds of Clients and Contractors we have already entered. Currently, there are only 3 which are visible as I am refining the Permission Based Settings (PBS). PBS allows for the Public to view some information which is necessary for the average person to view to confirm that they actually are in Clear Base. Other fields, such as Intelligence, Litigation, Financial Solvency, Social Media Background Checks and ISTAR Complaints are only viewable on a Tiered Basis. Even then, portions of the Intelligence Fields are restricted to the ISTAR Council and are generally compiled when either an Intelligence Package has been purchased or when an Operation (#Op) has been initiated.

With the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) coming full circle into the Mortgage Field Services Industry; with CFPB Complaints which may be filed here becoming the primary line of defense for Labor against Management Fraud, the reality is that both Labor and Management have a vested interest in having far more information other than simply whom was busted for pot. It is additionally fair to say that Contractors are far better served by paying for their own ISTAR Clear Base Background Check upon an Order Mill than responding blindly to a Craigslist Ad.

Foreclosurepedia makes no bones about the fact that we are opinionated. In fact, when the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Regime initially attempted to sue us into silence, we flipped them the bird. We went further than that and went after their Freshman Lawyers Guild (FLG) Member. When the disgraced and former NAMFS Secretary, Heather Berghorst, came after us with her ambulance chaser, we told both of them to fuck off. Looking back, it would appear that in both cases, Eric Miller had his balls handed to him. Foreclosurepedia has NO REMORSE. At the end of the day one has to ask themselves, “Do I want a polite, cultured person in the Dark Alley with me or do I want a man with a pair of vise grips whom is familiar with how to use them for dental extraction?”

Contractors, though, are not the only ones whom have a need for the Multi Point Check (MPC) which Clear Base performs. The reality is that in about seventy plus percent of all Complaints Foreclosurepedia has ever investigated, the Contractors were to blame. As I tell many people, “I do not give two shits if you didn’t think you needed to bid this or photograph that, the Work Order said you did. If you don’t like the Work Orders, McDonald’s is hiring.”

Management, today, has an enormous liability attached to the hiring of Contractors and Employees. take 24 Asset Management, for example. They brought on Lee Mertins and Gregg Harrison from Asset Management Specialists (AMS). Let’s not bullshit around in that Mertins does not exactly put the E in Ethical. We are actually working on a large exposé due out later next week on the anticipated US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) side effects — Craig Karnes will be interested in this vis-a-vis teh Foreclosurepedia HUD FOIA we filed — and the active recruitment ongoing up and down the Eastern Seaboard. Now, whether or not Eduardo San Roman knew the seedy details or not behind Mertins, et al., is immaterial. What is material is that had Roman had access to Clear Base or had a working relationship with Foreclosurepedia, 24 Asset Management might not be in the position it is today. Another good example is Altisource. Altisource has been reeling lately because of their hiring of Vendors whom not only had bankruptcies in their past, but additionally ended up rehiring one Vendor when they allegedly did not know it was the same person. Millions of dollars later and pages of Fraudulent Mold Reports aside, had Altisource subscribed to Clear Base, they would have avoided the mess they are in today.

While neither Foreclosurepedia nor Clear Base are the be all – end all of liability insurance, what both strive to do is minimize such. It goes without saying that when Foreclosurepedia begins to investigate something, we are FAR MORE EFFECTIVE than even the Intelligence Apparatus which the Trillion Dollar Industry utilizes.

For those of you whom have been willing to Contribute to the Clear Base with your gracious contributions, we will be issuing out FULL ACCESS to Clear Base as we bring it on line into beta stage as your email updates advised. We are humbled by your generosity and as you have seen, thus far, what was once a White Board Concept is now determining the Manifest Destiny of the Industry. For those interested in participating in ISTAR Clear Base, we will have Pricing Information up next week.

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