Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Foreclosurepedia On The Road Update

For many of you whom are part of the Foreclosurepedia Nation, you realized that when I said I would be off the radar for a week plus Consulting to an Arizona Client, the drop off in posting came as no surprise. The reality is that when I am working — CONTRARY to what folks think or others may hope for, I make about enough for what I drink in coffee each day by writing what I do — I give my Client my full attention.

The Donations Button is always available and I thank those of you whom send what you do. It would be nice if the total numbers on my Subscription List did as well. The reality is that with simply a $10 per person — that’s everyone though — would sustain the Foreclosurepedia Operational Environment for a year! Or, why not consider us for Consulting.

Operations have wrapped up out here and I am heading back to Foreclosurepedia GHQ. The regular posting will resume in about 3 days along with a huge new setups for the Foreclosurepedia Podcast. And for the rest of you out there whom rang the phones off the hook asking whether or not I was dead, this isn’t JFK.  😉

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