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Foreclosurepedia Consulting Q1 Results

Two years ago I had a dream about helping Small Businesses meaningfully participate in Federal Contracting.  The reality is that well over THREE TRILLION DOLLARS were spent on Federal Contracting in FY2012.  The more startling fact is that the main awardees then, in turn, hire subcontractors — in upwards of 23% of the funding, in FY2010, went to subcontractors!  So, my question to you, the reader, is WHY ARE YOU NOT INVOLVED?!

The general answer I get from sole proprietor to Institutional Consumer is that they simply do not know how to go about becoming involved in the quagmire of archaic paperwork.

In Q1 2013, Foreclosurepedia was hired as a Consultant by seven (07) different firms.  While some of the work done dealt with the creation of web sites (yes, a website just like this one which generates well over 5 MILLION hits) we also Consult on both DUNS and SAMS Registration.  In layman’s terms this means that in less than 96 hours we are able to put you in a front row seat for Federal Contracting!  As a matter of fact, most Contractors do not realize that many of the large Awardeess will reach out to you to request you bid on their Contracts!  Why?  Well, each of the Awardees are required, by law, to have a certain amount of female, disabled, disadvantaged and minority subcontractors.

The fact is that based upon your gender, race and/or socioeconomic position and geographic location you have the ability to begin a Federal Contracting position in less time than it takes to mail a post card to a family member on the other side of the United States!

Look, the price of an Initial Clean Out guarantees you admission into a select group.  Make no mistake that when you begin to put down a DUNS number as opposed to your EIN/TIN/SSN businesses take notice.  They know you are a Player.  After all, I believe it is becoming quite clear that the rodeo days of the Property Preservation Industry are coming to an end unless you are willing to hit the plasma banks in the mornings to ensure that you have fuel to make the NATIONALS their HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS each and every year.

Instead of signing you name on the Food Stamp Application, why not reach out and sign a Federal Contract?  This is the stark reality:  The Property Preservation Industry has become so embolden with their greed that the pendulum is broken.  The very same skill sets that you honorably utilize each and every day while getting charge backs are eagerly sought after by Multi BILLION dollar firms!  Every Agency of the US Government requires lawn maintenance; FEMA requires debris removal Nationwide throughout the year; New Facilities require someone to PAY to place a floor mat — yes, you heard that right!

Folks, you know I am well versed in what I do.  Many of you know precisely how high many of my Sources are placed.  Each and every day I speak with many of them they ask, “Why are these people cutting grass for $20?!”  While I cannot guarantee an Award, I can promise you that I am able to put you in the head of the Line!

If you are tired of getting rolled over by the Nationals; if you are weary from Regionals and Craigslist Order Mills refusing to pay you; and if you would like to give your family a better future then email me today!  I will give you an Initial Consultation FREE OF CHARGE if you simply state you read this Article!  FREE!  What do you have to loose?!  Nothing.  You have EVERYTHING to gain!

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