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Attrition Comes To Visit Safeguard Properties

Safeguard Properties (SGP) seems to be loosing properties.  This phenomena is occurring Coast-to-Coast!  CoreLogic, from all reports coming in and being posted on the Internet, seems to be the Company whom is finding these missing properties.  I would like to think that perhaps they are merely assisting wayward homes much like a Sheppard.  Yeah, that’s it.  Matter of fact this event began almost at the same time that FreddieMac issued their Request For Qualifications on RFQ 42213-MB.  The really curious thing is that only seven (07) days were given for the RFQ which covers eighteen (18) States!

At the end of the day I am not suggesting that SGP will be gone tomorrow — one could only hope!  What I am saying is that seeing their CA operations shuttered, the new purchases of facilities in NY and TX and the HUNDREDS of lawsuits pending against them by homeowners and Contractors suing for Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars and all told approaching the MILLIONS of dollars if reports are accurate as to the total, SGP is in a unique position.

SGP is in over their head.  Acquiring the BAC Servicing Rights was not a wise move.  While Klein and the Cleveland Family Business are not idiots by any stretch of the imagination, the events since Amir Jaffa has taken over are certainly questionable.

We are going to stay on top of this and bring more information as we continue to verify it.

Paul Williams
Linux addict buried deep in the mountains of East Tennessee.



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