Foreclosurepedia To Begin Investigation Of Five Brothers Insurance Claims

Foreclosurepedia is in possession of a tremendous amount of information with respect to MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in Insurance Claims filed on behalf of Financial Institutions by Five Brothers. Five Brothers is a Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). A simple footnote here: Hey Joe, your website is not Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

We are reaching out to any and all former and current Five Brothers (or subsidiaries) Contractors or office personnel whom might be privy to information with respect to Insurance Claims and Police Reports filed by Five Brothers (or subsidiaries) with respect to any foreclosed properties.

We are not able, yet, to ascertain whether or not there is any impropriety. What we are able to say is that we find it extremely odd that Insurance Claims filed for items such as roofs and driveways appear to have been filed under Vandalism. It is also additionally interesting to note that each and every Claim filed was then returned to Five Brothers for Payment of Repairs.

We are now, additionally, in receipt of about four and a half hours of wire recordings which in part discuss the fact that the lowest bids were not always submitted to the Financial Institutions or the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Not that Craig Karnes, Director of the M&M gives two shits.

If you are a Financial Institution and would like access to this information feel free to have your legal counsels give me a call. If Luxembourg found me I am sure that you can too. I would feel absolutely horrible if my tax dollars under the Stimulus Bill were squandered. As I am not a lawyer I am only able to relate the verbatim information. With respect to my Sources, they will only speak under a Qui Tam type proceeding. The case below will elaborate further on why I am not obligated to divulge their information. All Sources utilize Tor Onion so back dooring Google, even if you could, would be a fruitless endeavor. They additionally utilize TracPhones when calling so I wish the best of luck.

5 Brothers Police Report OrderLet none of us make any mistake whatsoever that when fully compiled all of this information is going to be submitted to the Interested Parties. I am dumbfounded. Vandalism is responsible for Moldy Caulk In Tub amongst other items on this SINGLE Work Order For A Police Report! Have no doubt that this is a tame one. We are currently working overtime to catalog all of the Work Orders, Police Reports, Insurance Claims (we have a hunch that MULTIPLE CLAIMS were filed for the identical items and mass billed) and payments.

Feel free to an0nymously contact us (if you are worried about Confidentiality) and send any and all information you think relevant. Below is an excellent way to ensure your anonymity,

  1. Go to  — a proxy server; or
  2. Go to —  and download a simple program to always be anonymous for your session;
  3. Create a Gmail (or any email account);
  4. Send us an email with your information!

The beauty is that there IS NO WAY TO EVER TRACK DOWN THE IP ADDRESS OF WHOM SENDS INFORMATION TO US! The Power of the Press is the only way to ensure that the American People are informed about the nefarious day-to-day activities which have infected the Property Preservation Industry.

To make damn sure we are ALL on the same page, I have saved everyone the headaches the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) went through when they threatened to sue me,


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