Florida: If You Own A Computer You Are An Idiot Living Here

Florida is the kind of place people go when they are on vacation; they end up on probation; and they return on revocation. Period. And this feeling I have isn't just from my recent soirée down there, either. I thought about making the title to the article Fuck Florida: Jeb Bush Finally Got A Bill To Make Daddy Happy, but I didn't want to deal with every white racist from the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) knocking on my door. It wasn't that I was afraid they would hurt me, it was that ammunition is in tight supply right now. ;)

The fact of the matter is I have been down there many times in the past as an enlisted man; a civilian; and a hacker.

Many of you remember the SOPA/PIPA fight which Foreclosurepedia stood behind to the last man. During those protests Wikipedia and many other websites, including Foreclosurepedia, went dark for 24 hours. Although I had only recently begun to comprehend the true evil of Eric Miller and his Fucked Up Band Of Fraudsters, the reality is that not a single National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) Member supported privacy for US Citizens --- Even Craigslist protested and we ALL KNOW how those fucktard Recruiters troll the Contractor Personals, otherwise known as the General Labor Section, there!

The Florida legislature is currently considering two bills, HB 271 and SB 604 (otherwise known as the True Origin of Digital Goods Act), and they’re problematic.  Why?  The bills would essentially require website owners and operators that provide commercial streaming services to place on their website personal identifying information such as their...

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